N26 Vs Revolut - A Comparison

N26 Vs Revolut – A Comparison

Revolut Compared to N26 The two digital banking providers that have the most customers in Ireland are N26 and Revolut. This is a review of the features and the pros and cons of N26 Vs Revolut. (Note: N26 ...
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Amazon Currency Converter – Good or Bad ?

All the products on Amazon UK are priced in Sterling but Amazon will use their currency converter to convert the order total to Euros if they see that your payment card is a Euro one.You can turn off ...
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bank charges

Current Bank Account Charges in Ireland

The majority of the banks in Ireland now have some sort of transaction fees or admin charges on current accounts. We have compared current bank account charges in Ireland to find out how much average customers could be ...
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Debit and Credit Card Charges on Non-Euro Purchases

When you use your Irish debit card or credit card for purchases in non Euro currencies - (including online) ... you will nearly always be charged currency conversion fees by your bank. These charges will be on top ...
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ATM Debit Card Stamp Duty Charges in Ireland

Since January 2016 there is a Stamp Duty charge in Ireland of 12c for each ATM cash withdrawal with a debit card. The total annual ATM stamp duty charge of 12c per transaction is capped annually at  - ...
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Bank of Ireland Monthly Current Account Fees

Bank of Ireland changed their rules on current account fees from November 2020.From November 23rd 2020 - Bank of Ireland will charge current account holders a monthly flat rate charge of €6Some people will be hit with a ...
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