Amazon Free Delivery to Ireland

There is no “Amazon Ireland” website or – the market here in Ireland isn’t big enough to justify a separate website.
But – the Amazon UK site provides a great service to online shoppers in Ireland.
Shopping at Amazon has been getting even more popular during this coronavirus crisis as more people move to online shopping.

Amazon Prime members in Ireland  get FREE priority 2 day delivery to Ireland on all orders. (of Prime eligible items) .

You can click here to get a free 30 Day Trial of Amazon Prime

Amazon  offers free delivery * to Ireland for everyone on all orders over £20 GBP. They have been doing this free delivery to Ireland for several years now.

*To qualify for free delivery, all the items  in the order need to be either

  • Items dispatched from and sold by Amazon. OR
  • Items sold by Marketplace Sellers but fulfilled by Amazon, excluding certain electrical items (where this is stated on the item’s product’s detail page).

Amazon’s free delivery to Ireland usually takes 3 to 5 days. It could be longer during busy periods.

Standard  Amazon UK delivery charges to Ireland   for orders under £20 are as follows:

  • Books / Music/ DVD/Video Games,   – £4 per delivery
  •  Other products £6 per delivery.
  •  For any combination of items from the categories listed above the highest “Per Delivery” rate applies.

So,  opting for the Amazon UK  free delivery to Ireland can save you a maximum of £6. OK – you might end up buying a bit more stuff than you originally planned to – but Amazon sells loads of cheap everyday items that everyone uses – such as bin liners, stationery etc  – so you can just add on some small items to bring your order up to £20 to qualify for the free delivery.

Currency Conversion

Tip –  Don’t let Amazon UK convert the price to Euros if you are in Ireland. Amazon’s currency converter will always work out more expensive than paying in Sterling with your Irish bank card. Always pay in GBP.

Read an explanation of why it is better not to use Amazon’s Currency Converter.

Amazon Prime in Ireland : 

Amazon Prime members in Ireland can get FREE priority 2 day delivery to Ireland on all orders (of Prime eligible items) .

You can click here to get a free 30 Day Trial of Amazon Prime

(The price after the free trial is £79.99 a year – but it  also includes access to hundreds of free films and TV programs on Prime Video)

Amazon Priority Delivery to Ireland should take just 2 days. The normal charge for this is £7.49 per delivery (£7 for Baby / Beauty /  Grocery  ) .

Third Level students in Ireland can get a 6 months FREE trial of Amazon Prime.

You can sign up for Student Amazon Prime Here

At first glance, it might look like it is just for students at UK universities  – but the free trial is definitely also available to students who are studying in the Republic of Ireland. More about Amazon Prime Student for Irish Students

Shop at Amazon UK Here

Amazon Daily Deals can be found here

Amazon started off as just an online bookshop – but has expanded into a “one-stop” online shop for almost everything –  from books to budgie food, CDs to Cameras, Ipods to Ink, Toys to Televisions. Their Amazon Kindle is the best selling e-reader in the world.

Amazon has a fairly large physical presence in Ireland with bases in Dublin where they have an IT centre and in Cork  – where they have a call centre. Amazon provides jobs for hundreds of people in Ireland – so when you buy from Amazon – at least some of the money is staying in the Irish economy. They also pay VAT to Ireland on all Irish sales.

Money-Saving Tip

If you shop a lot online at Amazon and other UK online shops – it might also be worth your while signing up for an account at the online bank  N26.
Their debit card has no fees on spending in foreign currencies.
Some Irish banks charge as much as 2% on card purchases made outside the Eurozone. If you were to spend the equivalent of €2000 on UK shopping sites in a year – that would cost you an extra €40 in bank charges but nothing with N26!

Also – read  Why you shouldn’t pay in Euros on Amazon UK

See how much the other banks charge here :

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