gold price

State Savings Interest Rates 2021

3-year Savings Bond (Issue 17)  1% total return (AER 0.33%)4-year National Solidarity Bond (Issue 6)  2% total return  (AER 0.5%)5 -year Savings Certificate (Issue 22)  5% total return  (AER 0.98%)10-year National Solidarity Bond (Issue 5) :  16% total ...
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bank charges

Current Bank Account Charges in Ireland

The majority of the banks in Ireland now have some sort of transaction fees or admin charges on current accounts. We have compared current bank account charges in Ireland to find out how much average customers could be ...
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buy sterling

Best Place to Buy Sterling in Ireland

If you are travelling to the UK you might want to bring some cash with you. Don't assume that somewhere offering "commission-free" currency will give you the best deal. Exchange rates will change every day - and there ...
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an post currency

An Post Currency Cards Frozen

An Post had to freeze about 50,000 pre-paid "currency" cards because of an ongoing accounting scandal at Wirecard.German fintech company Wirecard filed for insolvency last week after admitting it had lost €1.9 billion from a largely fictional balance ...
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Alternatives to Collecting Pension and Welfare Payments

Thousands of elderly people and those with bad health collect pensions or benefit payments from post offices. Because of the current coronavirus issues - it is advised to avoid busy places. Welfare have changed ALL payment to fortnightly ...
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pay packet

First Payments Of COVID-19 Pandemic Unemployment Payment

The emergency COVID-19 Pandemic Unemployment Payment is a short term payment to help people out of work because of the coronavirus. There have been at least 40,00 applications . The first payments were due to go out to ...
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