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Can You Use American Debit Cards in Ireland ?

We get several people a day from the US finding this site because they are searching on Google for some of the following things: "Can I use American Debit Cards in Ireland?""What are the charges for using an ...
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Debit and Credit Card Charges on Non-Euro Purchases

When you use an Irish debit card or credit card for purchases in non Euro currencies - (including online) ... you will nearly always be charged currency conversion fees by your bank. These charges will be on top ...
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uk bank

Opening a UK Bank Account From Ireland.

Thousands of people have family, work or property interests in both Ireland and the UK. Many hundreds of people live in Ireland but work in Northern Ireland or other parts of the UK. Those people will be dealing ...
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Prepaid Debit and Credit Cards in Ireland

Prepaid Debit and Credit cards can be used for spending at online shops and high street stores - in the same way as normal Debit and Credit Cards. A prepaid card is a payment card that can be ...
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