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Business Banking Charges

Business Current Account Charges in Ireland - a Comparison. If you run a business - as a sole trader or a limited company, you should probably have a business account with a bank.Small sole traders or freelancers could ...
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ATM Charges Overseas

ATM Cash Withdrawal Charges Overseas If you are travelling from Ireland to the UK, USA , Australia - or any other country that doesn't use the Euro - you can use your Irish bank's debit card to withdraw ...
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Debit Card ATM Stamp Duty Charges in Ireland

Since January 2016 there has been a Stamp Duty charge in Ireland of 12c for each ATM cash withdrawal with a debit card. This annual Debit Card ATM Stamp Duty Charge in Ireland is capped annually at - ...
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AIB Increased Bank Charges

Allied Irish Bank (AIB) increased current account fees from November 28th 2020. The bank was originally planning on making the changes in May - but postponed them because of Covid-19. The changes to current account fees at AIB ...
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Bank Overdraft Charges in Ireland

An overdraft is an additional amount of money that is drawn down from a current account when it is in debit. Overdrafts are generally supposed to a short-term facility used to temporarily increase your cashflow.An overdraft can be ...
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Current Bank Account Charges and Fees in Ireland

Latest : See our Comparison of Bank Charges in Ireland with all the latest account charges compared. Ulster Bank is now charging €2 a month admin fee - with no waivers. If the account balance falls below €3000 ...
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