Amazon Prime in Ireland – Free Trial

Amazon Prime members get FREE priority (2 day) delivery to Ireland on all orders of Prime eligible items.

Normally, 2 day delivery to Ireland would cost £7.49 on Amazon.
You also get free next day delivery to the UK – which is brilliant if you have friends or family in the UK to buy gifts for.

Brexit and Amazon Prices

Shopping on Amazon UK will not mean any extra VAT after Brexit. In fact – it will mean lower prices on many low priced items until July 2021.
There is no VAT charged on orders delivered to Ireland that are under €22 (including delivery). Prime members can take full advantage of this because they don’t have to pay for delivery.
Tip – it’s best to stick to items sold by Amazon because some of the marketplace sellers are not VAT registered.

There may be duty charges to pay on some items but only when your order is over €150 and the items are not of UK origin.

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Click Here to Get a free 30 Day Trial of Amazon Prime

The free 30 day Amazon Prime trial also includes 30 days of Prime Video .

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Students in Ireland can get a 6 Month free trial of Amazon Prime.

Third Level students in Ireland and the UK can get a 6 month FREE trial of Amazon Prime.
You can sign up here on the Amazon Prime Student Sign up page .
If you have a student in the household you should get them to take advantage of this offer.

Not all items sold on Amazon are eligible for Prime – but there are thousands that are.
If items are not eligible for Priority Delivery,  they’ll be delivered to Ireland via Standard (3-4 days) or Economy (3-5 days) delivery at no extra cost to Prime members.

What’s included in Amazon Prime in Ireland?

  • As mentioned above – you get FREE priority delivery to all addresses in Ireland on millions of Prime eligible items.
  • Amazon Prime Video . This is not as extensive for Irish members as the UK version. But there are some very good Amazon original TV and Films to watch. When we checked there were about 3500 films available and almost 400 TV series.
  • Free Kindle Books. Amazon Prime members in Ireland can borrow from thousands of ebook titles from the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library.
  • Amazon Photo Storage: You also get free secure, unlimited photo storage.
  • Of course,  Irish residents with Amazon Prime also get free next day delivery to all UK addresses.
  • Amazon Prime members also get access to special offers on certain days of the year that are not available to anyone else.

How Much Is Amazon Prime in Ireland ?

The normal price of Amazon Prime is £7.99 GBP per month.
Or it’s £79.99 GBP per year if you pay in one lump sum (that works out at £6.66 a month) . It’s the same price in Ireland as in the UK.

The best way to find out if Amazon Prime is any good for you – is to sign up for the free 30 day trial .  If you don’t think it’s worth £7.99 a month you can just turn off the auto-renewal before the 30-day trial runs out.

Amazon’s option of Free delivery to Ireland on orders over £20 is still available in 2021 for non-Prime members  – but this can take 4 to 6 days and sometimes more.
Warning – VAT is charged on the delivery price – so even if you order more than £20 you will still end up paying £1.26 extra in VAT on the £6 delivery charge . (They deduct the £6 at checkout as a “promotion”

Amazon Music Unlimited

Sadly – the inclusive free  “Amazon Prime Music” is not available in Ireland for Amazon Prime members. But the Amazon Music Unlimited option is available in Ireland. It offers 50 million songs including loads of new releases from popular artists and some exclusive releases.

Amazon Music Unlimited costs £9.99/month . I use it myself – and it is as good as Spotify or maybe better and it works on Amazon Echo devices, Kindle Fire, smartphones, tablets and desktop computers. You can get access for 6 people for £14.99 a month.

Songs can be downloaded to play offline. You can create and amend your own playlists or choose from hundreds of others already set up.

Amazon Prime members in Ireland do not get a price reduction on Amazon Music Unlimited. (In the UK Prime members get £2 off a month)

Irish residents can get a 30 day  Free Trial of Amazon Music Unlimited
(The banners might say it’s more – but that is for UK Customers)

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Brexit and Amazon

Shopping on Amazon UK is not going to mean any extra VAT for Irish customers after Brexit. In fact – it will actually mean lower prices on cheaper items until July 2021 because no VAT will be charged at all on orders under €22.

There could be some duty charges on items costing more than €150 (About £135 GBP) . But this will only apply to some goods not made in the UK.
Amazon UK will show you the extra duty charges at checkout before you pay .

You could also try Amazon Germany (In English) – but they don’t do free delivery to Ireland (yet).

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