Bank Charges

Online Shoppers Could be Charged €1 Billion in Fees By Irish Banks in 2021

Online shopping continues to grow at a fast rate in Ireland and Irish consumers have done even more of their shopping online during the coronavirus pandemic. Irish banks are charging their customers millions of euros in foreign currency ...
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n26 vs revolut in Ireland

N26 Vs Revolut – A Comparison

Revolut Compared to N26 The two digital banking providers that have the most customers in Ireland are N26 and Revolut.This is a review of the features and the pros and cons of N26 Vs Revolut. (Note:  N26 is ...
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revolut card

Revolut in Ireland : A Summary

Revolut is a smartphone payment app that comes with a prepaid card. It is available in Ireland and the rest of the European Economic Area plus Australia, Canada, Singapore, Switzerland, and the United States. Revolut was launched in ...
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apple pay ireland

Which Banks Use Apple Pay in Ireland ?

Apple Pay is a method of paying for things using an Apple iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or Apple Mac. It is known as a digital wallet - you store your card details on the device then use the ...
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bank charges

Charges on Current Bank Accounts in Ireland

The majority of the banks in Ireland now have some sort of transaction fees or admin charges on current bank accounts. The options for current accounts in Ireland will be shrinking over the next couple of years as ...
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visa mastercard ireland

Debit Card Spending and ATM Limits in Ireland

Most of the banks and card providers in Ireland set daily limits on how much can be spent on debit cards. There are also daily ATM cash withdrawal limits on most debit cards. Debit Card Daily Spending Limits ...
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