Euro to Pound Exchange Rate News

February 26th 2024 17:00

Euro to Pound Exchange rate today is at £0.856

Pound to Euro Exchange rate today is at €1.1682

€1 EURis worth£0.856 Pounds
£1 GBPis worth€1.1682 Euro
€10,000 EUROis worth£8560 Pounds
£10,000 GBPis worth€11682 Euro
Sterling to Euro Exchange Rate

You Can Check the Live Euro to Sterling Exchange Rate Here

Will the Pound Rise Against the Euro ?

The pound dropped to multi-week lows last week as comments from current and former Bank of England (BoE) policymakers fuelled interest rate cut bets. However, GBP rebounded amid a rosier outlook for the UK economy.

This week, BoE speculation is likely to continue driving the pound amid a lack of market-moving data and several speeches from bank officials. Could a more hawkish tone lift Sterling?

The focus for the Euro this week is undoubtedly on the Eurozone’s preliminary consumer price index for February, out on Friday. Economists expect inflation to have cooled from 2.8% to 2.5% this month. If so, the euro could face heavy selling pressure..

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Fluctuations in Exchange Rates can make it a nerve-wracking time if you are planning to change large amounts of Sterling or Euro soon.

Using a Currency Exchange company can remove some of the uncertainty if you are wondering “is now a good time to change pounds to euros or “When is the best time to buy euros“.

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For example- if the current exchange rate suits your future house purchase budget it would make sense to fix the rate now while you wait for your house to sell.
You can also place automatic orders – so that when a rate hits your target rate – the exchange is automatically carried out for you.

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For more options when transferring large amounts of currency – see our article How To To Get the Best Exchange Rates On International Money Transfers.

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