Euro to Sterling Exchange Rate News

July 26th 2021 17:00

Sterling to Euro Exchange rate today is at €1.1706

Euro to Sterling Exchange rate today is at £0.8543

€1 EURis worth£0.8543 Sterling
£1 GBPis worth€1.1706 Euro
€10,000 EUROis worth£8543 Pounds
£10,000 GBPis worth€11706 Euro
Sterling to Euro Exchange Rate

You can check the live exchange rates here on the OFX website

Summary of 2021 Euro to GBP exchange rates:

  • Best exchange rate in 2021 was 0.9057 GBP on 06 Jan 2021.
  • Lowest exchange rate in 2021 : was 0.8491 GBP on 05 Apr 2021.
  • Average Euro/GBP exchange rate in 2021: 0.8668 GBP.

Will the Pound get stronger against the Euro?

Pound-to-euro forecast

The Pound-to-Euro exchange rate fell to a 6 week low on July 20th when it reached €1.1535.

Sterling is also under heavy pressure thanks to its high correlation with stock markets
If the market enters a more pronounced downtrend then the Pound could be in line to lose further ground against the Euro and Dollar.

Tomorrow the ECB meet and if the outcome of that is positive for the Euro – we could see further falls in the GBP/EUR rate.
Data from the Commodities Futures Trading Commission shows more investors are now betting on falls in Pound Sterling than are betting on gains, for the first time since December

HSBC recently forecast a Euro-to-Pound rate of £0.9179 by year end and £0.88 by mid-2022.

This gives a Pound-to-Euro exchange rate forecast of €1.0894, and €1.1363 respectively.

Fluctuations in Exchange Rates can make it a nerve-wracking time if you are planning to change large amounts of Sterling or Euro in the near future.

Using a Currency Exchange company can remove some of the uncertainty if you are wondering “is now a good time to change euros to pounds. Crucially, they can enable you to fix an exchange rate as much as 12 months in advance of a transfer.
For example- if the current exchange rate suits your future house purchase budget it would make sense to fix the rate now.

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For more options when transferring large amounts of currency – see our article How To Get the Best Exchange Rates.

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