Euro to Sterling Exchange Rate News

April 14th 2021 11:00

Euro to Sterling Exchange rate today is at £0.8692

Sterling to Euro Exchange rate today is at €1.1504

€1 EURis worth£0.8692 Pounds
£1 Sterlingis worth€1.1504 Euro
€10,000 EUROis worth£8692 Pounds
£10,000 Sterlingis worth€11504 Euro
Sterling to Euro Exchange Rate

You can check the live exchange rate here on the OFX website

Sterling has suffered notable losses against the Euro so far in April. Last week saw the sharpest weekly decline of the Pound against the Euro since September 2020
This recent fall in the Pound could be due in part to the loss of momentum in the UK’s vaccine rollout programme.

The rally in the Euro exchange rate comes as the EU sees a sharp increase in vaccination rates suggesting the area’s woes concerning vaccinations is coming to an end.

Wider demand for the Euro is meanwhile proving to be an additional dominant theme in global foreign exchange markets at present, lending itself to a lower Pound-to-Euro exchange rate (GBP/EUR).

The Pound-to-Euro exchange rate (GBP/EUR) went as high as €1.18 on April 05 before losing value and triggering seven week lows at €1.1497

Fluctuations in the Euro to Pound Exchange Rate can make it a nerve-wracking time if you are planning to exchange large amounts of Sterling or Euro in the near future.

Using a Currency Exchange company can remove some of the uncertainty
about “when is a good time to buy. Crucially, they can enable you to fix an exchange rate as much as 12 months in advance of a transfer. For example- if the current exchange rate suits your future house purchase budget it would make sense to fix the rate now.

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For more information on transferring large amounts of currency – see our articleHow To Get the Best Exchange Rates.

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