Euro to Sterling Exchange Rate News

September 14th 2021 12:00

Sterling to Euro Exchange rate today is at €1.1737

Euro to Sterling Exchange rate today is at £0.852

€1 EURis worth£0.852 Sterling
£1 GBPis worth€1.1737 Euro
€10,000 EUROis worth£8520 Pounds
£10,000 GBPis worth€11737 Euro
Sterling to Euro Exchange Rate

You can check the live exchange rates here on the OFX website

Summary of 2021 Euro to GBP exchange rates:

  • Best exchange rate was 0.9057 GBP on 6th Jan 2021.
  • Lowest exchange rate : was 0.8467 GBP on 11 Aug 2021.
  • Average Euro/GBP exchange rate 2021 : 0.8645 GBP.

Will the Pound get stronger against the Euro?

Pound-to-euro forecast

The Pound opened last week on the backfoot, as GBP investors were unnerved by the threat of fresh tensions between the UK and EU over Brexit.

The Bank of England now ooks set to raise interest rates in the first half of 2022, which is probably going to be before both the Federal Reserve and European Central Bank.

This should keep the Pound supported against both the Euro and Dollar, but for Sterling to rise higher the market will require evidence that further interest rate rises are becoming visible on the horizon.
This week Citibank said … “We continue to expect GBP to strengthen in coming months as upside inflation risks will prompt the Bank of England to signal policy normalisation,” ( Ebrahim Rahbari, Chief G10 Currency Strategist at Citibank).

Fluctuations in Exchange Rates can make it a nerve-wracking time if you are planning to change large amounts of Sterling or Euro in the near future.

Using a Currency Exchange company can remove some of the uncertainty if you are wondering “is now a good time to change euros to pounds. Crucially, they can enable you to fix an exchange rate as much as 12 months in advance of a transfer.
For example- if the current exchange rate suits your future house purchase budget it would make sense to fix the rate now.

Get a Quote For A Currency Transfer

You can get a quick quote for currency transfer at the Fexco Website . Setting up an account costs nothing and once you are registered you can arrange money transfers or talk about securing an exchange rate for a future transaction. Fexco is based in Ireland and authorised as a payment services provider by the Central Bank of Ireland. In the UK, Fexco is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

For more options when transferring large amounts of currency – see our article How To Get the Best Exchange Rates.

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