Grants for Solar Panels of up to €3000 available

Grants for solar panels of up to €3000 are available in Ireland. The grant is towards the cost of buying and installing solar photovoltaic (PV) systems and battery energy storage systems. The maximum grant amount was originally €3800 – but it was reduced to €3000 in 2020.
The current grant scheme is due to end in Dec 2020 but we expect it to be extended.

A solar PV system consists of solar panels mounted on the roof of your house which generate electricity .  You can also add a battery storage system to store any excess energy generated for use when the sun isn’t shining.
A 1kWp solar PV system would require 3 or 4 solar panels on your roof. The generated electricity feeds any electrical loads in your home, and any excess can be stored in a battery.

Sell Your Excess Electricity.

Energia is running a scheme where they will pay you for any excess electricity you return back to the grid at a rate of  7.4c per kWh. This is paid out as a credit on your bill every January and July. You have to have the solar equipment installed by Energia to get this deal. The price plan is called “Grid” . Find out more at Energia

Grant Amounts

Note: This grant scheme does not cover solar panels that just produce hot water. There are grants of up to €1200 for that.

The grant amounts for solar PV systems are:

  • €900 per kWp up to a maximum of 2kWp.(kWp means kilowatt-peak).
  • €300 for every additional kWp up to 4kWp if you get a battery. (Max €2400)
  • €600 for battery installation

Grant Example

if you install a 4kW solar PV system and a battery system, For 4kWp: You will receive a €2400 grant for 4kWp solar panels plus €600 grant for the battery system. Total grant €3000

solar pv grants

It is estimated that fitting a typical solar PV system of 2kWp would cost around €4000 to €5000  – You can get a grant of €1800 for 2kWp solar panels (ie 6/7 solar panels).  –

On average such a PV system should save about €280 a year in household electricity charges – giving a payback time of 8 to 9 years on average .

Tip: Another quick way to cut your electricity bills is to switch supplier.
See our page on the Cheapest Electricity Prices in Ireland to see how average users could cut bills by around €250 in one year.

Solar Grant Rules –

Your home must have been built in 2010 or earlier.
You must use a registered contractor from the SEAI’s Renewable Installers Register for Solar PV.
Grants are paid after the work is completed.

You can find out more about grants and  apply here

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