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Comparison of Electricity Prices in Ireland

By doing a comparison of electricity prices and switching to the cheapest deal on an annual basis, households can save significant amounts of money.An average household that is still on Electric Ireland's standard rates could save around €250 ...
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Cheapest Dual Fuel Deal in Ireland

What is the Cheapest Deal For Switching Gas and Electricity? Most of the energy suppliers in Ireland offer deals for new customers such as reduced tariffs or cashback. Even if you have previously switched energy supplier, but have ...
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Energia Promotional Codes

Energia often has promotional codes that can be used by new customers to get extra discounts on gas and electricity charges. Energia Promo Code for Cheaper Electricity The current Energia Promotional code (April 2021) for Electricity is ELECTJUNE ...
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Energia Ireland Electricity Prices

Updated March 30th 2021 - The current Energia Promotional code for Electricity is - ELECTJUNE .This will get you 41% off their electricity rates for a year plus €35 cashback. Available only on the Energia Website.(You won’t get ...
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Cheapest Rural Electricity Charges in Ireland.

All the electricity providers in Ireland have higher standing charges for rural households compared to urban ones.ESB Networks assigns the Urban or rural charge rate based on the location of a property. Rural electricity charges are higher because ...
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What is the Average Electricity Bill in Ireland ?

When householders start looking into the high cost of electricity - it can be useful to compare their electricity to other households. But - what is the average electricity bill in Ireland in 2021 ? We all use ...
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