How to Buy Shares in Ireland

In this article, we provide some information on how you can buy shares online in Ireland.
We also compare the fees charged by traditional stockbrokers with some of the best online share trading platforms available in Ireland in 2024.

With the low interest rates on savings accounts in Ireland in recent years and inflation rising, many people began looking into alternative investment options for some of their spare cash.

One strategy to achieve potentially higher returns than deposit accounts is to invest in shares (commonly referred to as equitys). This approach allows you to benefit from both potential capital appreciation, which is an increase in the share price, and dividend income, which is a portion of a company’s profits distributed to shareholders. However, it’s important to acknowledge that equity investments also carry inherent risks, including the possibility of capital depreciation.

Share ownership is growing in Ireland. A 2021 survey by the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission found that 36% of adults in Ireland owned some sort of investment product and 19% of Irish adults owned stocks or shares.

Share Trading Apps

The increased availability and lower cost of share trading apps in recent years have fuelled a significant rise in the number of people worldwide participating in the buying and selling of shares. This has made share ownership accessible to a broader range of investors, not just the traditionally wealthy or investment professionals.

In the USA , share trading apps such as Robinhood and FreeTrade have grown in popularity in the past few years – but they are not available to Irish residents.
However – there are some recent European newcomers to the mobile investment market in Ireland
such as the UK-based Lightyear and the German investment company Trade Republic.

More details about some of the available share trading platforms in Ireland such as Lightyear , Degiro , Etoro and Trade Republic are given below and we also compare their fees.


Investing in stocks and shares can be a good way to grow your wealth, but it’s important to remember that stock prices can go down as well as up. This means there’s always a chance you could lose some of your money. We recommend only investing what you’re comfortable losing and avoiding the stock market altogether if you’re seeking guaranteed returns.

Stocks and Shares For Beginners

What is a share?

Think of a company like a giant cake. Each share represents a small slice of that cake, and by owning a share, you become a part-owner of the company. This ownership grants you certain rights, such as voting on company decisions and receiving a portion of its profits (dividends). Some trading platforms allow you to purchase fractions of a share. Read more here about Fractional Shares.

What is stock?

“Stock” is the general term for these ownership slices, and the stock market is where they are traded. Think of it as a marketplace specifically for buying and selling company ownership. Major exchanges like the London Stock Exchange (LSE), New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), and Irish Stock Exchange (ISEQ) facilitate these transactions.

Share price fluctuations:

Share prices move up or down based on various factors like market conditions, company performance, and future potential. These fluctuations can bring gains or losses for investors.

Dividends: Your slice of the profits:

When a company makes a profit, it might choose to share a portion of that profit with its shareholders through dividends, similar to earning interest on a savings account. Some companies offer attractive dividend yields (up to 4-6% annually), paid out regularly (annually, bi-annually, or even as a one-time bonus).
Read more here about Taxation of Dividends in Ireland

A person can also own shares of several kinds of “financial instruments” : such as investment trusts, mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

More about Buying ETFs in Ireland

More here on ETFs compared to Investment Trusts in Ireland

What is The Cheapest Way to Buy Stocks and Shares in Ireland ?

The cheapest and easiest way to buy stocks and shares in Ireland is to have an “execution-only” trading account with an online brokerage or trading platform. That means you can buy or sell shares or ETFs that you choose yourself without getting any advice. In some cases – you can trade stocks with no fees at all .

Comparison of Fees of Share Trading Platforms Operating in Ireland.

We compared the fees charged by the following trading platforms available in Ireland :

  • eToro
  • Lightyear
  • Trade Republic
  • Interactive Brokers
  • Davy Stockbrokers
  • Goodbody Online

The figures given below include any Stamp Duty charges for UK and Irish stock markets.
Currency conversion fees are also included below unless it is stated otherwise.

Share Trading Fees Comparison – A Summary

Etoro was the cheapest option in our comparison for trading US shares and UK shares.

Trade Republic worked out as having the lowest fees for small regular Euro share trades – but only if you use their automated Savings Plan option.

DEGIRO worked out as having the lowest fees when buying and selling shares on the Dublin Stock Exchange.

Trade Republic worked out as having the lowest fees for regular smaller purchases of fractional shares. More about fractional shares here.

Share Trading Fees Compared – The Details.

Buying US Shares – Comparison of Fees on Large Value Trades

Etoro worked out as having the lowest fees in this particular comparison.
Your capital is at risk

Buy 30000 US company shares @ $0.50 per share ($15000). Sell after 5 years for $25000.Total Share Dealing Fees and Commissions.
(Deposit and Withdraw EUR
using Etoro Money App)
(Buy & sell on Frankfurt Exchange
If available)
(Deposit & Withdraw Euros)
Lightyear (Deposit EUR)€130
Interactive Brokers
(Deposit and Withdraw USD)
Interactive Brokers
(Deposit and Withdraw EUR)
Davy (Deposit / Withdraw USD)€1150
(Deposit / Withdraw USD)

Buying US Shares – Fees on Regular Trades

Etoro also had the lowest fees for small regular US share purchases .
Your capital is at risk

Buy 1 US listed share every month for a year @ $400 per share. Sell after 2 years for $10000.Total Share Dealing Fees and Commissions.
(Deposit and Withdraw EUR
using eToro Money App)
Interactive Brokers
(Deposit and Withdraw USD)
Revolut (Trade in USD)€24
Interactive Brokers
(Deposit and Withdraw EUR)
(Deposit & Withdraw Euros)

Fees on Small Regular Purchases of UK Shares

Etoro works out as having the lowest fees for small regular purchases of UK shares on the London Stock Exchange.

Buy €2000 of UK listed shares 4 times a year for 5 years then sell for €50000Total Share Dealing Fees and Commissions including Stamp Duty
(Deposit and Withdraw EUR
Using Etoro Money App)
Interactive Brokers
(Deposit and Withdraw GBP)
Interactive Brokers
(Deposit and Withdraw EUR)
(Deposit/Withdraw Euro)
Davy (Deposit / Withdraw GBP) €1344
(Deposit GBP)

The same fees will also apply if buying shares in UK listed Investment Trusts

Buying UK Shares – Comparison of Fees on Large Purchases

Etoro came out as having the lowest fees for larger UK share purchases.
Your capital is at risk

Buy €25000 worth of UK listed shares , KEEP for 4 years and sell for €40000 Total Share Dealing Fees and Commissions including Stamp Duty
(Deposit and Withdraw EUR
using Etoro Money App)
Interactive Brokers
(Deposit and Withdraw GBP)
Interactive Brokers
(Deposit and Withdraw EUR)
(Deposit & Withdraw Euro)
(Deposit GBP)
Davy (Deposit / Withdraw GBP) €1000

These fees will also apply when buying shares in UK based Investment Trusts

Trading Fees When Buying EU Shares

Trade Republic works out as having the lowest fees for small regular Euro share trades if you use their automated Savings Plan option.

Buy €1000 worth of EU shares each quarter for 5 years then sell for €30000Total Share Dealing Fees and Commissions
Trade Repuplic
(Savings Plan)
(Using eToro Money App
to Deposit & Withdraw EURO)
€4.40 ($5 USD)
Trade Republic€21
Interactive Brokers

Buying Irish Shares – Fee Comparison

DEGIRO came out as the cheapest in our comparison for trading shares on the Irish Stock Market . (There aren’t many options.)

Buy €1000 of Irish listed shares each month for a year then sell for €15000Total Share Dealing Fees and Commissions
EtoroNot Possible
Includes €120 Irish Stamp Duty

Note – there are some Irish companies with shares listed on other stock exchanges. For example – Ryanair shares are also available to trade on The NASDAQ, London Stock Exchange and German Stock Exchange . So you could use Etoro or Lightyear or Trade Republic to buy Ryanair shares
Shares in Kerry Group, Glanbia , Kingspan , AIB and a few others are also available to buy on Trade Republic.
AIB and CRH shares are available to buy on Lightyear.

Buying Fractional Shares

Trade Republic worked out as having the lowest fees for purchases of fractional shares.
Etoro was the second lowest.
Your capital is at risk

Buy $100 slice of Tesla share each month for 2 years.
Sell after 2 years for $3000
Total Share Dealing Fees and Commissions.
Trade Republic
(Savings Plan)
(Deposit and Withdraw EUR
via eToro Money App
Lightyear€19 ($21.10 USD)
Interactive Brokers
(Deposit and Withdraw USD)
Interactive Brokers
(Deposit and Withdraw EUR)

More here on Where To Buy Fractional Shares

We have not included currency conversion fees for Davy or Goodbody because they don’t specify exactly how much the fees are. However, you can expect to pay as much as 1% at Davy and up to 1.25% at Goodbody when buying or selling shares in a currency other than Euro. Both of these brokers allow deposits in USD or GBP if you want to avoid conversion fees . Their trading fees are a lot higher than the others even before any currency fees are taken into account.

We checked these figures May 2024 .

Reviews of Online Share Trading in Ireland


Etoro was founded in 2007 and it has over 20 million registered users spread over more than 140 countries.
Irish residents will use eToro (Europe) which is based in Cyprus and regulated by the Cyprus Securities & Exchange Commission. It uses EU passporting rules to allow it to operate across the single market.
Etoro has access to several stock exchanges around the world (But not Dublin).

The Etoro share trading app works on Apple and Android. More details here about using Etoro in Ireland

You can buy fractional stocks on eToro – the minimum purchase is $10. This is great for smaller investors who can’t afford to pay a few hundred dollars for a single share.
ETFs are also available – but be warned, they can only be “bought” as CFDs – so you don’t actually own them and there will be fees charged on them. (We have not included ETFs from Etoro in the price comparison because of this.)

Etoro Share Trading Fees

Etoro charges NO Commission on the buying or selling of shares.

They charge a $5 USD flat charge for all withdrawals.

Etoro currently requires a minimum deposit of just $50 for Irish customers. ($500 if using bank transfer).
However, they sometimes increase this limit during very busy periods.

Currency Conversion at Etoro

There are currency conversion fees on Etoro – but these can be avoided. (see below)

All incoming non-USD deposits are automatically converted to US Dollars by Etoro.
If you use their eToro Money App to deposit or withdraw Euros – you will not be charged a conversion fee.

If you don’t use the Etoro Money App – conversion fees will be charged. (see below)

  • The conversion fee on Euro deposits by bank transfer is 0.5%
  • On Euro deposits, with a debit card or Paypal, the conversion fee is 1.5%.
  • Withdrawals into a Euro bank account or debit/credit card or PayPal will also incur a 0.5% currency conversion fee.

How to Avoid Currency Conversion Fees on Etoro

Deposit Euros Using the Etoro Money App

If you use the app provided by Etoro (Etoro Money) – you can avoid all conversion fees when depositing or withdrawing Euros. We have tested this out and it works fine and is fee-free. The exchange rates used are as good as you would get anywhere else.

Depositing USD

If you can use a fee-free debit card such as N26 or Revolut to deposit US Dollars you will avoid the Etoro conversion fee.
N26 does not charge any transaction fees for spending in USD.

If you use Revolut – and plan on spending more than $1000 in a month in USD – you will need to upgrade to Revolut Premium to avoid any conversion fees on Revolut. (1%). The cheapest option would be to deposit Euros using the Etoro Money App.

Withdrawals of USD

Withdrawals from Etoro to an N26 debit card are allowed in USD. N26 will convert it to Euros at a good exchange rate and no fees. However, Etoro only allows withdrawals to debit cards up to the amount originally deposited using that card . So you will need to withdraw any profits you make to a bank account or Paypal.

Revolut accounts can be used for deposits and withdrawals of USD on Etoro. You may have to fill in a transfer form and provide some bank statements showing how your Revolut account was funded.

Read more about Using Etoro in Ireland

Overall, even with currency fees. Etoro still works out a lot cheaper than the “old school” established Irish brokers. If you can get around the currency conversion fees by using – then it will usually work out as the cheapest option.
You need to ensure you are buying shares on Etoro and not entering into a C (unless you intend to). It is important to check, before you buy, that the “leverage” is set to X1. (More information about CFDs.)

Often, for investors who want to invest little and often, Etoro can work out as the cheapest option . Check the figures in the table above.

(Your capital is at risk. Other fees apply. For more information, visit


Lightyear is one of several online stock trading platforms to appear in Ireland and the UK in recent years .
Lightyear first launched its trading app in the UK market in Q3 2021 and expanded into Ireland and most of Europe in the summer of 2022.

There are about 3,500 stocks available to trade on Lightyear. The majority are priced in USD but some are priced in GBP and Euros. About 100 of the US stocks can be purchased fractionally.

There are also 200 plus ETFs available at Lightyear .. These are mainly ETFs from Vanguard and Ishares but new ones appear to be added relatively often. Read More about ETFs Here.

Lightyear also pays interest on any uninvested cash in EUR, GBP & USD The current interest rates are shown below .

Lightyear Savings
Lightyear Interest Rates
CurrencyInterest Rate
Correct as of June 2024

Lightyear Fees

  • There are no fees on Lightyear for trading ETFs. (other fees may apply)
  • For shares on the US markets, Lightyear charges a 0.1% execution fee (10c minimum, capped at max. $1)
  • For EU shares there is a €1 execution fee .
  • For UK shares there is a £1 execution fee .

  • On foreign exchange (FX), Lightyear charges a flat 0.35% fee.
    • For example – this would apply when you deposited Euros but wanted to buy shares priced in USD . By comparison – Etoro charges 0.5% and Degiro charges 0.25% on FX.
    • You can use the Lightyear multicurrency account to deposit EUR, USD or GBP and this will help you avoid FX fees on Lightyear.
  • Lightyear does not charge any inactivity fees, there are no one-off or monthly charges to open an account or to deposit, hold and withdraw funds.

Capital at risk. The provider of investment services is Lightyear Europe AS. Lightyear Europe AS is authorised and regulated as an investment firm by the Estonian Financial Supervision Authority.

Read more about Lightyear Here

When you invest, your capital is at risk.

Trade Republic

Trade Republic is based in Berlin and launched its investment app in 2015 They launched here in Ireland in October 2022 .

One handy feature of Trade Republic is its Savings Plans . You can set up automated purchases of shares called savings plans. All share purchases are free of charge as part of a savings plan. There is just a €1 fee when you sell.
You can set up a savings plan with a set amount to be invested at regular intervals into your chosen shares. You can choose to buy weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or quarterly. A savings plan can be stopped at any time without penalty.

Trade Republic Logo

Outside of savings plans, there is a flat fee of €1 per trade and it is also possible to buy fractional shares on Trade Republic

You can deposit in euros by credit card , with Google Pay or by bank transfer. But be aware that only the first deposit by card is free – after that, there is a 0.7% fee, so it is best to use bank transfers.

Any cash you have in your account with Trade Republic can earn interest (currently 4%) and it is also covered by German or Irish bank guarantees.

All Stock orders at Trade Republic are routed through Lang & Schwarz Exchange, an electronic trading system operated at Hamburg Stock Exchange.
Trade Republic are supervised by the Federal Bank of Germany and BaFin (Federal Financial Supervisory Authority)

You can apply to open an account at Trade Republic

Investing in the stock markets carries risk: the value of investments can go up as well as down and you may receive back less than your original investment.


Dutch firm DEGIRO launched its online stock brokerage services in the Netherlands in 2013.
DEGIRO now operates in 18 European countries – including Ireland.
Readers of the Investors Chronicle / Financial Times voted DEGIRO as the top-rated investment platform and investment app. in 2020
You can use the DEGIRO desktop site or their mobile app for share dealing. The account currency is in Euros only.

Deposits can only be made on DEGIRO by bank transfer and there is no minimum deposit amount.

Degiro does not cater for fractional shares .

Read more here about Degiro

DEGIRO Share Trading Fees

  • Irish shares : €2 per trade + €1 handling fee
  • UK Shares €3.90 per trade plus €1 handling fee plus 0.25% currency conversion.
  • European shares: €3.90 per trade plus €1 handling fee.
  • US shares : €1 per trade plus €1 handling fee plus 0.25% currency conversion
  • ETFs – some are commission-free plus €1 handling fee. The rest are €2 per trade plus €1 handling fee.
  • Annual fees – DEGIRO has an annual fee for connecting you to exchanges. This fee is currently 0.25% of your account value capped at €2.50 per exchange per year. There is no fee for using the Irish exchange for Irish residents.

Note – for new customers, Degiro will reimburse your first month’s transaction fees (up to €100).

See the table above for examples of DEGIRO charges compared with Etoro and other online stockbrokers.

TIP: On Degiro – many of the major US stocks listed on NASDAQ or NYSE can also be purchased on European stock markets – so if you are buying large amounts this could be a way to avoid any currency conversion fees in Degiro.
For example, buying and later selling $5000 USD worth of shares on the NASDAQ with DEGIRO would result in $25 in currency conversion fees plus €1 trade fee ,€1 handling fees and a €2.50 annual exchange fee. (Total = approx €30.50)
Using Degiro to buy and then sell the equivalent amount of Tesla shares on the Frankfurt stock exchange would cost just €11.30 in commission and fees .

You can sign up to DEGIRO here.

Your capital is at risk. Other fees may apply

Please note that Investing involves risk of loss.

Interactive Brokers

Interactive Brokers is a worldwide company and in Ireland, they are regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland . Online share trading can be carried out on a desktop or also on the IB app. Funds can be held in several currencies including USD, EUR and GBP. You can only use bank transfers (Wire/SEPA) for deposits and withdrawals, so no debit/Credit card, PayPal, or any other means of transferring money. By using a Wire transfer, you have one free withdrawal per month. Subsequent withdrawals in that same month will incur a fee of EUR 8.00. With SEPA (transfers only in EUR), you also have one free withdrawal a month, after which a fee of EUR 1.00 is applied.

Interactive Brokers Fees

The tiered fee structure at Interactive Brokers seems complicated and there are variable extras depending on the exchange used. We have used their fixed fee option for our comparison.

  • US shares $0.005 per share. (Min $1 ; Max 1% of trade)
  • Shares on the Irish stock exchange are not available to trade.
  • UK Shares 0.1% (Minimum charge £4)
  • Euro Shares/ ETFs 0.1% per trade Minimum charge €4
  • Currency Conversion 0.002% (Min $2)

Interactive Brokers

Davy Select

Davy Stockbrokers are based in Dublin and are regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. The minimum investment is €500. Davy Select is their online trading platform and it seems to be a popular site for people checking out Irish share prices. They do have an app as well, but it is not possible to buy or sell shares on the Davy Select app.
The fees shown below are the online fees for the Davy Select Personal Investment Account (Execution-Only).

Online Share Dealing Fees at Davy Select:

  • Trading fees of 0.5% – Minimum €14.99 per trade.
  • €25 Foreign Transaction Settlement Charge per trade for each trade of shares listed outside Ireland and UK .
  • Execution Service Fee of €50 per quarter ( less any commissions paid that quarter).
  • Minimum Fee per trade for shares listed outside Ireland and UK : 0.06%.
  • Foreign exchange fees not specified but “max 1%.” (But you can deposit Euro / GBP or USD if you are able to do so and avoid conversion fees.)

See the table above to see more examples of how Davy compares to DEGIRO and eToro

Signup at Davy Select here

Goodbody Online

Goodbody has been involved in the Dubin Stock Exchange since 1874. In March 2021 Goodbody Stockbrokers was bought by AIB. They are regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. You need to deposit a minimum of €5000 to open an online trading account with Goodbody. So it probably isn’t ideal for beginners thinking of investing in shares.
Goodbody does not have a share trading mobile app.

Online Fees at Goodbody

  • 1% charge on the first €25k of a transaction – then 0.5%. ( Minimum fee €25.)
  • A €25 charge on all US and European trades.
  • Maintenance Fee €100 year plus VAT
  • Foreign exchange fees – “up to 1.25%”. (You can deposit GBP/USD to avoid fees)

See the table above to see more examples of DEGIRO Vs Goodbody.

Sign up at Goodbody here

Some Alternative Share Trading Apps


Revolut allows customers in Ireland to trade in selected stocks on the New York Stock Exchange (about 750 companies). They do not give access to stock markets in London, Dublin or Europe.
Revolut also doesn’t allow trading of ETFs, index trackers or investment trusts.
One disadvantage of buying shares with Revolut is that you can’t transfer your shares to another broker.
Revolut limits each trade to a maximum value of USD $10,000. (or 500 shares).

You can buy fractional shares on Revolut, which is great if you can’t afford ,or don’t want to risk ,a large amount on one company. You’ll need to invest at least US$1.00. The minimum fraction of a share you can buy is 0.00000001.

Since Brexit , Revolut is not allowed to publicise or promote its stock trading facility to customers in Ireland or the rest of the EU. Revolut states that “EU customers have to initiate such services at your own exclusive initiative; where we provide you services on this basis, they are not deemed as provided in the territory of the European Economic Area”

Share Trading Fees on Revolut

  • US shares 0.25% of the order with a minimum of €1 per trade
    • Standard Revolut account holders get 1 free trade each month.
    • Revolut “Plus” account holders get 3 free trades a month.
    • Premium account holders get 5 free trades a month
    • Metal account holders get 10 free trades a month.
  • There’s a 0.12% annual custody fee on Revolut. For example, you would be charged $12 a year if you held $10,000 worth of shares.


In the USA, a share trading app called Robinhood is very popular with novice investors.
Robinhood is not available to buy shares in Ireland or the rest of Europe. It is only available for use by residents of the USA. Their planned UK launch in 2020 was abandoned.

Another popular stock-trading app in the USA is called Webull.
Webull is a mobile app-based brokerage that features commission-free stock trading.

Webull is not available in Ireland or Europe, it is only available to residents of the USA.

If you are looking for affordable stock trading alternatives to Revolut or RobinHood in Ireland – then, as our comparison above shows, Degiro , Etoro and Trade Republic have the lowest charges for buying shares in Ireland

Share Certificates

If you have old paper share certificates – they will be harder to sell online. You will probably have to use somewhere like Davy or Goodbody to first convert the shares to electronic ones before they can be sold.
Of course – there is nothing to stop you from transferring those shares to another cheaper online broker such as Degiro before selling them.
Davy will charge €30 to transfer each shareholding to Degiro. Degiro will charge €10 per shareholding to accept the transfer in. As you will see from the comparison of fees below – on large transactions you could save hundreds in fees by using Degiro to sell your shares. More here on How to Sell Paper Share Certificates.

Currency Risk

For Irish residents, having to use US Dollars as the base currency in Etoro and Revolut – will also expose you to any fluctuations in the USD/EUR exchange rate. Sometimes these risks can work in your favour, other times they don’t. For example, let’s say your Etoro or Revolut portfolio (in USD) rose by 12% in a year, and the US Dollar also rose by 10% against the Euro . In this case, your net return will be increased to 22% when you convert your profits to Euros But the reverse is also true; if the US Dollar fell by 10% against the Euro – you would get a net return of just 2% on a portfolio increase of 12% when you convert your profits.

ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds)

Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) can be a good method of investing in a wider portfolio of shares. You can buy ETFs from most of the stockbrokers we have listed above. An ETF, also known as a tracker, is a product that follows an index, commodity, bond or composition of products. You can think of it as a basket of shares.

Read more about Buying Exchange Traded Funds here.

Stamp Duty on Shares

Stamp duty is chargeable on the purchase of all Irish and UK shares.
The stamp duty rates in 2024 are:

  • 1% on Irish Shares
  • 0.5% on UK shares.

This will be the same for all brokers.

Taxation of Profits From Shares

Capital Gains Tax (CGT).
If you buy shares in Ireland and make a profit when you sell them, the state is going to be looking for 33% of the profit as Capital Gains Tax . This is currently the same rate as the DIRT tax on deposit accounts in 2024. Unlike DIRT, the first €1,270 of taxable gains in a tax year are exempt from CGT.

More details here about Capital Gains Tax on Sales of Shares in Ireland

More here about Irish Taxation of Dividends from Shares

See here for Information about Taxation of ETFs in Ireland

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