Best Savings Rates in Ireland

Interest rates on Savings Accounts in Ireland have been slowly dropping over the last few years. Many instant access deposit accounts now pay a tiny 0.01% rate of interest. On a deposit of €50,000 that would make just €5 a year in interest – before tax.

If you have money sitting in a savings account paying just 0.01 % – you could get interest rates a 100 times bigger elsewhere.
For example – a rate of 0.91% is available at Banco Português de Gestão via (0.61% after DIRT). On €50,000 – that rate would earn €455 before tax instead of just €5 .

On our page of the Best  Savings  Rates in Ireland   – you will see that the best available easy access interest rate on deposits in the banks is now just  0.05% .  (January 2022) .  This is a pretty poor rate of interest.

If you are willing to lock your money away for a few years you can get slightly better rates.

The best rate over 5 years is 0.78% AER  from J&T Banka # via (1.17% before DIRT)

If you fix for 3 Years you can get 0.7% at Banco Português de Gestão via (1.05% before DIRT) # Max €100,000)

Over five years – the 5  year National Savings certificate pays 0.59% Tax-Free
Or you could go for the 10 year Solidarity Bond which pays 0.96% after taxes.

If you save smaller amounts regularly – you can get interest rates of up to  0.85% – see details here.

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Best Savings Interest Rates 

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