Switching Mortgage in Ireland : How Much Can You Save?

Switching your Mortgage in Ireland

Many lenders in Ireland are still offering incentives to attract mortgage switchers – such as cashback –  but how much can you save by switching your mortgage ?  Is it worth it?  YES IT IS.

Switching mortgages is the biggest single thing that people can do to reduce their outgoings. If you are on a variable rate or even a tracker mortgage, switching it will almost certainly save you more money than anything else you can do such as switching electricity or your current account.

Thousands of people in Ireland could switch – but don’t even consider switching mortgage providers.
If they realised the amount of money that can be saved – they would be crazy not to consider a mortgage switch.
If your current mortgage rate is over 4.25% we say it is worth switching if you can.

Mortgage rates have risen in 2023 as the ECB increased their interest rates. The ECB rate that is used to set tracker mortgages was increased to 4.5% in September 2023.

Many tracker mortgages that have been at great rates for several years , have gone up from around 1% to around 5% since 2022. For many years, it made sense to keep hold of a tracker mortgage – but that may no longer be the case – and switching to a lower fixed rate could save homeowners thousands.

Below  – we show calculations that demonstrate how switching a €300k mortgage could result in savings of over €5000 over just 3 years.
Larger mortgages will result in even bigger savings.

Switching Mortgage: Calculation of Savings :

  • A homeowner took out a 25-year €300k mortgage on a house costing €345,000 5 years ago.  (Term now remaining 20 years).
  • The property is now worth €460K and the outstanding balance is just €262k (LTV = 57%)
  • Their current mortgage rate is 4.75%
  • Repayments are currently €1692 a month.
  • Total repayments over the next 3 years on the current mortgage will come to  €60,912
  • After 3  more years of continuing with this mortgage, the outstanding balance on the mortgage will be €236,660

We have calculated the savings that could be made over 3 years., from switching to a lower rate.

Important Note: This comparison assumes that the current payer’s variable rate will stay the same for the next 3 years . (Which they might not, the rate may rise or fall.)

Example : Switch to Avant – Save €5832 over 3 years.

Switch to a 3-year fixed rate of 3.85% from Avant Money (no BER restrictions)

  • At 3.85%, a €262k mortgage over 20 years will have repayments of €1567 a month.
  • This is a total of €56,412  over 3 years, saving €4500 compared to the current 4.75% mortgage.
  • The balance remaining on the mortgage after 3 years will be €234,328   – which is €2332 less than it would be with the current mortgage. 
  • Switching fees cost an average of €1000
  • Overall Result after 3 years:
    • They will be €5832 better off after 3 years by switching to 3.85% with Avant compared with staying on their current 4.75% mortgage.

You can compare all the available fixed-rate mortgages on the website of Switcher .

Multiple Switches :

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Figures updated May 2024 –

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