Lowest Credit Card Interest Rates

These are the lowest interest rates charged on credit cards in Ireland.

Figures checked  July 11th 2021 (on purchases) APR.

Cards With Lowest Rates listed first

  • 13.8%  AIB Click (Visa)
  • 16.1% Ulster Bank Black (Mastercard) (Min €40k Salary)
  • 17% AIB Platinum (Visa) (Min €40k Salary)
  • 18.25% KBC (Mastercard)
  • 19.6% BOI Platinum Advantage (Mastercard) (Min €40k Salary)
  • 22.1% BOI Classic (Mastercard)
  • 22.53%  PTSB Ice (Visa)
  • 22.7% Ulster Bank Classic
  • 22.9% Avant Money
  • 22.9% AIB be
  • 22.9% An Post
  • 22.9% Chill Money

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Top Tip – If you want the functions of a credit card without stamp duty or the possibility of getting into debt – then take a look at the prepaid Easy Bank card from Bunq .

The cheapest way to use a credit card is to always pay it off in full every month – and then you pay no interest at all. But – if you don’t manage to pay off the full balance  – it’s nice to know which card has the lowest rate of interest before you apply.

There is a good guide here about Credit Cards in Ireland

Minimum Payment Warning:

Paying just the minimum repayment amount each month on a credit card is a costly way of paying off debt.

For example on a credit card balance of  €2000 and an interest rate of  19.2% with a minimum payment of 3% of the balance (or €25).

Paying just the minimum off each month would mean it would take 8 years to pay off the balance and you would end up paying a total of  €3417.

If instead, you paid a fixed amount of €60 a month – it would only take 3 years and 11 months to pay off. The total repaid would be €2772. (€645 less).

Tip – Try and ensure you have at least two different types of payment card, ideally from two different banks. This could be safer if there are any IT problems or outages with one of them.
In May 2018 there were issues with Visa payments across Europe and there have also been major problems with Ulster Bank in the past.

See our article about Visa or Mastercard in Ireland to see which provider issues the different types of cards.