Exchange Money

Where to Get the Best Exchange Rates on Currency Transfers

Do you need to do international transfers of large amounts of money from one currency to another? Maybe you are buying a property in Ireland? Or you might be living in Ireland and planning on buying a property ...
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uk bank

Opening a UK Bank Account From Ireland.

Thousands of people have family, work or property interests in both Ireland and the UK. Many hundreds of people live in Ireland but work in Northern Ireland or other parts of the UK. Those people will be dealing ...
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how much can i borrow

Amazon Currency Converter – Good or Bad?

Thousands of people in Ireland shop online at Amazon UK every day - and around Christmas the numbers increase massively. All the products on Amazon UK are priced in Sterling but Amazon will use their currency converter to ...
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send money thailand

Send Money to Thailand From Ireland

The currency of Thailand is the Baht. (Code THB) . The Baht is the tenth most frequently used currency in the world and is one of the strongest currencies in Southeast Asia If you need to transfer large ...
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