Where Can You Buy Fractional Shares in Ireland?

The online trading platforms that allow you to buy fractional shares in Ireland make it easier to start investing in stocks.
With fractional shares, you can buy a piece of almost any publicly traded company , including some of the biggest companies in the United States, which trade for thousands of dollars a share.
Share prices have taken a bit of a tumble in 2022 – and now may be a good time to think about buying shares. However – the price of shares could still have further to fall.

What are Fractional Shares?

A fractional share is when, instead of buying a whole share in a company, you buy a portion of it.
For example – maybe someone wants to invest in Alphabet (Google) , but can’t afford, or doesn’t want to risk, the price of a single share which is around $200. With fractional shares – they can choose to invest a smaller amount of money and buy a portion of a share. If they buy $20 worth of a $200 Alphabet share – they will end up owning 0.1 of an Alphabet share .

Fractional shares are a good way for beginners to start investing in shares. Maybe they don’t want to risk a lot of money or can’t afford to pay the high prices for a single share in some of the most expensive stocks such as Apple , Alphabet, Autozone ,NVR , Booking, Chipotle and Meta.

Buying fractional shares can be really useful for regular investors who want to invest a set amount of money each month into a company.

When you buy a fraction of a share, you are treated the same as any investor with a full share. You make the same percentage gains and get the same benefits of stock ownership. You also take on the same risk of loss. 

Note Degiro doesn’t currently allow customers to trade in fractional shares – nor do the Irish stockbrokers Davy or Goodbody.

Some Online trading platforms in Ireland that allow the purchase of fractional shares.

Below we have listed some of the best brokers in Ireland for buying fractional shares and compared their fees .

Fractional Shares on Etoro

All the stocks and shares available on Etoro can be bought fractionally. (Including some EU/UK ETFs).
The minimum trade size is just $10.

Etoro has access to hundreds of shares on several stock exchanges around the world (But not Dublin).
They don’t have access to all the stocks on each exchange – but they do have a good selection.

For example : (Checked Jan 2022)
NYSE – 1039 stocks ; NASDAQ 725 stocks
London LSE 296 stocks ; Frankfurt 115 stocks

Etoro charges NO Commission on the fractional buying or selling of shares and they also pay the stamp duty for you on UK shares, which is 0.5%.

If you are considering investing in UK-based Investment Trusts, Etoro has a few of them available and the same fees apply and there will be no Stamp Duty to pay.

Examples of Investment Trusts available on Etoro include:

City of London Investment TrustFidelity Emerging Markets LimitedTemple Bar Investment Trust
European Opportunities TrustMonks Investment TrustTempleton Emerging Markets Investment Trust
F&C Investment TrustMercantile Investment Trust

Etoro charges a currency conversion fee if you deposit or withdraw Euros. This is because all account balances at eToro are denominated in US dollars.

  • Euro bank transfers are charged 0.5% currency conversion fee.
  • Debit/credit card, Paypal and Skrill deposits that are not in USD will incur a 1.5% currency conversion fee.

These currency fees can be avoided by using Revolut to make deposits in USD

More about using Etoro in Ireland here

Your capital is at risk. Other fees apply. For more information, visit etoro.com/trading/fees

Etoro operates in Ireland and more than 140 other countries and has over 11 million users.
Irish residents who access eToro will use eToro (Europe) which is based in Cyprus and regulated by the Cyprus Securities & Exchange Commission. It uses EU passporting rules to allow it to operate across the single market.

Fractional Shares on Bux Zero

Bux Zero is another online trading platform that allows you to buy Fractional Shares in Ireland.

The range of fractional shares available on Bux Zero currently numbers about 100 US shares – but it will increase. They say they will eventually roll it out to more US stocks, European stocks, and ETFs.

The selection of fractional shares on Bux Zero is mainly American companies with expensive share prices such as Apple , Alphabet, Booking , Chipotle, Meta (Facebook) , Netflix, Microsoft and Tesla plus other well known companies such as Uber, Twitter, Paypal, Moderna, Coinbase, Airbnb and more.

Bux Zero states that “unlike some brokers, we don’t aggregate fractional orders. Every trade is treated as a separate order.”

The BUX Zero trading platform is run by BUX which is a European mobile brokerage company, based in Amsterdam and London. BUX Zero is regulated by the AFM, The Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets.

You can sign up to BUX Zero here.

Always remember that Investing involves risks. You can lose your deposit.

Fees on Bux Zero

All trades of US shares on BUX Zero are commission FREE – and there is just a 0.35% foreign exchange fee.
See the table below for a comparison of the fees when buying fractional shares.

More about Bux Zero Here

Comparison of Fees When Trading Fractional Shares

Buy $100 worth of fractional Amazon share each month for 2 years.
Sell after 2 years for $3000
Total Share Dealing Fees and Commissions.
(Deposit and Withdraw USD)
Bux Zero
(Using Euros)
Interactive Brokers
(Deposit and Withdraw USD)
(Deposit & Withdraw Euro)
Interactive Brokers
(Deposit and Withdraw EUR)

*The fees with Revolut could be lower if you only trade once a month.

Fractional Shares on Revolut

You can choose from about 1000 US-listed shares on Revolut (Nasdaq and NYSE). All shares can be bought as fractions. All trades are in US Dollars and the minimum purchase is $1

  • Trading fees are 0.25% of the trade with a minimum fee of €1
    • 1 trade a month is free for Standard Revolut accounts.
    • 3 free trades a month for Revolut Plus accounts.
    • 8 free trades a month for Revolut Premium
    • unlimited free trades a month for Revolut Metal accounts
  • There is also a shareholding / custody fee of 0.12% a year. (i.e $1.20 on $1,000 worth of shares) .

As with all the above brokers – the value of investments can go up as well as down and you may receive less than your original investment or lose the value of your entire initial investment.

More here about Revolut Fees and Charges in Ireland

Fractional Shares on Interactive Brokers

Interactive Brokers is a worldwide company and in Ireland, they are regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland .
They allow fractional trading of most US shares as long as you opt in to it.
The fees are $1 per trade plus a currency fee 0.002% (Min $2) – if you don’t deposit USD.

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