Interest Free Credit Card Offers

Credit Cards in Ireland with interest-free offers or low interest for new customers:

Updated October 25th 2020  .

Many of the banks in Ireland have special introductory interest free credit card offers for new customers.
These offers can be useful if you have a large balance on an existing credit card and the new card provider is offering zero interest on balance transfers.

  •  An Post have a credit card with 12 months interest-free credit on balance transfers. (Mastercard).
  • Ulster Bank’s Black Mastercard comes with 12 months interest free on balance transfers and 6 months interest-free on purchases. (Min €40k salary required)
  • Chill Money has an offer of 9 months at 0% on balance transfers.
  • Bank of Ireland offers 7 months interest-free credit on balance transfers – OR 0% for 6 months on purchases (Mastercard). Apply Here

  • PTSB is offering 0%  interest on balance transfers for 6 months plus 0%  on purchases for 3 months. (Visa)
  • KBC’s credit card is interest-free for 6 months just on balance transfers. (Mastercard).
  • Avant Card (One Card) is offering 0% interest for 6 months on balance transfers and for 3 months on purchases  (Mastercard)
  • AIB’s best offer is a rate of 3.83% on both balance transfers and purchases – for 12 months.

How it Works

Remember that any lower introductory rate on balance transfers only applies to your pre-existing balance amount. You will usually pay the regular interest rate (which will be higher) on any additional purchases on the new card.

You will also still be expected to pay a minimum payment each month.

You can check which credit card has the lowest interest rate here.

Also – all credit cards will charge extra fees when used to purchase in non-Euro currencies – you can see those charges here .

: There is a prepaid “Travel Card” available from Dutch online bank Bunq that is treated like a credit card.
It will be accepted for car hire and hotel bookings. But you can only spend money that is on the card. No credit check , no stamp duty and No currency fees .
More about bunq Here

In Ireland, there is no difference between consumer protection against fraud or non-supply of goods provided by credit cards or debit cards. More about that here.

A good debit card for spending in non-Euro currencies is the N26 Mastercard – there are no extra fees when making purchases in non Euro currencies.  N26 is an online bank. Having a second card available can be a good idea in case of bank IT problems.

Read more here about N26 Bank Account charges compared to other Irish banks.

More here about Prepaid Debit Cards in Ireland from Bunq ,Revolut and others.

Also – check out our page on charges when using credit cards and debit cards to spend in non Euro currencies

Tip : If you are switching all your debt from one credit card to another – don’t forget to write to your old credit card company asking them to close your account and cancel your card. If you’ve already paid the €30 government stamp duty in the current tax year, then they will send you confirmation that your account is now closed. Send this to your new credit card provider so you are not charged stamp duty twice in the same year

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