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Bunq Bank Accounts in Ireland

(Updated April 2024 ) bunq is another of the new digital banks that are available in Ireland. (pronounced "bunk".)We have ...
save money

Comparison of Electricity Prices in Ireland

By doing a comparison of electricity prices and switching to the cheapest deal, households can still save significant amounts of ...
card payments

Accepting Card Payments in Person: A Guide for Irish Small Businesses

In today's digital age, offering card payment for face-to-face customers is a necessity for any small business in Ireland. Taxi ...
best dual fuel deals

Cheapest Dual Fuel Deal in Ireland

Who Has the Cheapest Deal For Switching Gas and Electricity? Most of the energy suppliers in Ireland offer dual fuel ...

Cheapest Gas Prices in Ireland

Gas Prices in Ireland Compared Bord Gais Energy (which is owned by UK-based firm Centrica) has 6 competitors for the ...
bin charges

Cheapest Dublin Bin Collection Charges

There are several companies offering household bin collections in Dublin. It's not very easy to find out which company has ...
bank charges

Charges on Current Bank Accounts in Ireland

The majority of the banks in Ireland have some sort of transaction fees or admin charges on current bank accounts ...
amazon prime ireland

Amazon Free Delivery to Ireland

The Amazon UK site has provided a good service to online shoppers in Ireland for several years . It now ...



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