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electric cars in ireland

Electric Cars in Ireland – Some Facts and Figures

How Many Electric Vehicles are there in Ireland? BEVs - are Battery Electric Vehicles.PHEVs - are Plug in Hybrid Electric ...
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save money

Comparison of Electricity Prices in Ireland

The electricity switching market in Ireland is usually very competitive. Most energy suppliers regularly have special offers, discount codes or ...
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moneyguide ireland

Cheapest Dual Fuel Deal in Ireland

Who Has the Cheapest Deal For Switching Gas and Electricity? Most of the energy suppliers in Ireland offer dual fuel ...
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Cheapest Broadband Deals in Ireland.

Broadband Price Comparison Prices checked November 18th 2022 We regularly check the prices of broadband and phone packages to help ...
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M50 Toll Charges 2022

The M50 tolling system has been up and running since August 2008 . The system was operated by Emovis - ...
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Best Savings Rates in Ireland

Interest rates on Savings Accounts in Ireland gradually fell lower and lower over the last few years. Many instant access ...
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Christmas 2020 Welfare Payments

Christmas Bonus 2022

Budget 2023 revealed that the Social Welfare and State Pension Christmas Bonus will be 100% again in 2022. When Will ...
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Calculation of Customs Duty Charges In Ireland

Customs Charges From UK to Ireland.

Calculation of Import Duty to Ireland from the UK As part of Brexit - at the end of 2020 - ...
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