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BUX Zero

BUX Zero is a stock trading app that was launched in Ireland this summer. It allows users to buy shares ...
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Cheapest Broadband Deals in Ireland.

Broadband Price Comparison Prices checked September 15th 2021 We regularly check the prices of broadband and phone packages to help ...
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property tax

Budget 2022 in Ireland

After a year of high spending because of Covid - (an estimated €48 Billion extra) - It is still likely ...
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buy bitcoin ireland

How To Buy Bitcoin in Ireland

Bitcoin is a virtual currency or "cryptocurrency" which has been around since 2009. Unlike other "fiat" mainstream currencies such as ...
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best dual fuel deals

Cheapest Gas Prices in Ireland

Gas Prices in Ireland Compared Bord Gais Energy (which is owned by UK based firm Centrica) now has seven competitors ...
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buying stocks and shares in ireland

How to Buy Shares in Ireland

With the current low interest rates on savings accounts in Ireland, many people are looking into alternative investment options for ...
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money off

M50 Toll Eflow Penalty Charges

Drivers using the M50 should be aware that non-payment of the toll will result in penalty charges being applied by ...
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moneyguide ireland

Cheapest Dual Fuel Deal in Ireland

What is the Cheapest Deal For Switching Gas and Electricity? Most of the energy suppliers in Ireland offer dual fuel ...
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