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Debit and Credit Card Charges on Non-Euro Purchases

When you use an Irish debit card or credit card for purchases in non Euro currencies - (including online) ... you will nearly always be charged currency conversion fees by your bank. These charges will be on top ...
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Chargeback On Debit and Credit Cards

Many people in Ireland think that purchases made with a credit card are somehow better protected against faults or non-delivery.But - in Ireland ,there is no difference in the protection provided in the form of chargeback on Debit ...
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Travel Insurance Comparison

One thing people often neglect to buy when travelling abroad is Travel Insurance. Or - if they do buy travel insurance they just buy it as part of the booking process and usually end up overpaying for it ...
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Switching Credit Card

There are several credit card companies in Ireland that do introductory offers of zero interest or low interest to people switching switch credit card provider. All these credit card offers are for new customers and they usually allow ...
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Credit and Debit Card Surcharges Banned

A  ban on Credit and Debit Card surcharges  : Extra charges for paying with a debit or credit were banned across the EU from  13th January 2018. The change is part of the Payment Services Directive, otherwise known ...
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