Amazon Germany and Delivery to Ireland

Thousands of Irish residents shop online at Amazon every day.
It looks like Amazon will be launching a separate site for Ireland in 2025 – but in the meantime
which Amazon site is the best to use in Ireland ?
Is the UK Amazon site the best or is Amazon Germany better for Irish residents?

We will explain the pros and cons of both and also how to view Amazon Germany in English
We also answer these common questions : –

  • How much does delivery cost from Amazon Germany to Ireland?
  • How long does delivery take from Amazon Germany to Ireland?
  • Are Returns Free with Amazon Germany?

All the European Amazon sites will ship to Ireland – with some restrictions.
However, the only one that can be viewed in English is the German Amazon (Amazon.De).

To save you time – here is a link straight to the English Language Version of Amazon Germany

Amazon Germany Delivery to Ireland
Amazon Germany in English

(Tip: The email address and password you use to sign in at usually work on any of the other Amazon sites.)

Amazon UK and Brexit

Amazon UK is still great to use in Ireland – especially if you stick to items sold or fulfilled by Amazon-UK. No UK VAT is charged, just Irish VAT instead.
Import Duty is not due on all items and it is only charged on orders delivered to Ireland valued at over €150.

If there are any import duty/customs charges – they will be shown at checkout when ordering items sold by or fulfilled by Amazon UK. So there will be no extra customs charges to pay on delivery to Ireland

Read more here about Duty on items from the UK to Ireland After Brexit

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Which Amazon Site is Best to Use in Ireland?

We still think, for orders under €150, you are better off sticking with Amazon UK – especially when ordering items sold or fulfilled by Amazon. It can work out even cheaper if you join Amazon Prime.
You could try and split your orders so that they stay under €150 (about £133) to help reduce the chance of any import duties.

If you can’t find what you want on Amazon UK , or are concerned about import duty charges on high-priced items – there are some alternative Amazon sites you can use in Europe. (France (.fr) , Italy (.it).
But you won’t get free delivery to Ireland on any of them. Also electrical items will usually come with a European two-pin plug

  • If you need to use another Amazon site because of duty charges on more expensive items – then the German Amazon site is probably the next best option for Irish shoppers. (But there is no option of free delivery to Ireland – even for Prime members. ) More about Amazon Germany delivery charges to Ireland below.)
  • The French Amazon site can’t be viewed in English and it seems to have a lot of restrictions on items that can be delivered to Ireland.
  • The Dutch Amazon site can be viewed in English but they don’t deliver to Ireland.

How much is delivery from Amazon Germany to Ireland ?

Unlike the Amazon UK site, the German Amazon site does not have the option of free shipping to Ireland.
Even Amazon Prime members in Ireland have to pay the same as everyone else for deliveries to Ireland.

Amazon Germany Shipping Charges to Ireland

Type of DeliveryProductsDelivery Charge Ireland
Standard Delivery Books, music, DVD, software, video games , consoles.€5 per delivery plus €1.30 per kg
Standard Delivery all other items not mentioned above* €7.50 per delivery
plus €1.30 per kg
Express Delivery (2 working days) only on eligible items* €8 per delivery
plus €2 per kg
Free Delivery To Ireland is Not Available

  • Amazon Germany says that some individual products cannot be delivered at the above rates due to properties that require higher delivery expenditure. (Size/Weight etc) Any items affected will have the higher delivery rates shown.
  • Items declared as hazardous materials can not be delivered to Ireland.

Whilst these are the published delivery rates on Amazon Germany – we found that the actual delivery charges sometimes didn’t always match these figures exactly, but they were not far out.

On many of the examples we checked – the final figure was lower .
If you add multiple items to your basket – the delivery charge will be based on the total weight of the order. If they have to split the delivery – you should not be charged twice for delivery.
If the seller is a Third-party – then delivery charges may differ from those shown above.

Some examples of Amazon Germany delivery Charges to Ireland (Including VAT)

  • An Xbox Series S Standard Delivery to Ireland – €9.34 weight 3.3kg
  • A Laptop , priority delivery to Ireland. €11.27 Weight 2kgg
  • A Soup Maker Standard delivery to Ireland – €11.76 3.2kg
  • A Suitcase Standard delivery to Ireland €14.26 delivery
  • Mens Jacket – standard delivery to Ireland €18

  • Amazon Echo Dot – Delivery not possible to Ireland.
  • Kindle Fire Tablet – Delivery not possible to Ireland

Checked March 2024

How long does delivery take from Amazon Germany to Ireland?

Amazon Germany says that Standard Delivery to Ireland will take 3-5 working days.
There is an option for 2-day
delivery – but this costs a bit more. See above for delivery charges.

Amazon Germany in English

On the German Amazon site, it is easy to change the language from German to English. You just click on the German flag at the top, next to the search box, and you will be shown the different language options.
To save you time – here is a link straight to the English Language Version of Amazon Germany

Different Plugs on Electrical Items From Germany

Just be aware that the majority of electrical items sold on Amazon Germany will usually come with a 2 pin EU plug – so you will need an adapter for Ireland. Also – some of the instructions might come in German.

Are Returns Free to Amazon Germany?

Items ordered from Amazon Germany and delivered to Ireland are eligible for free return in the following situations:

  • The item you received was wrong, damaged, defective, or did not match its description.
  • You cancelled the purchase of an item under the right of withdrawal within 14 days, and the price of the item you are returning exceeds €40
  • You are returning shoes, clothing, jewellery, or watches (within 30 days of receipt).

For FREE returns from Ireland – the buyer will need to pay the postage charge but Amazon Germany will refund it. You may be asked to provide proof of the cost – so you should keep the postage receipt. You will probably need to request the postage charge refund via online chat. It won’t be automatic.

If the item is not eligible for FREE return – then Amazon Germany will deduct €11 from the refund to cover postage costs from Ireland. You will also need to get in touch with them to claim back postage charges after you return the item.

For lower priced items (under €11) they will sometimes just tell you not to bother sending it back.

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