Amazon Germany and Delivery to Ireland

Thousands of Irish residents shop online at Amazon UK every day.
Even though a Brexit trade deal has been agreed there will still be some issues with customs duty and VAT when shopping on Amazon UK and other UK websites in 2021.

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Amazon UK and Brexit

It looks like Amazon UK are dealing with the post-Brexit changes well.
No UK VAT is charged, just Irish VAT instead (on orders over €22). Duty only comes into play on orders over €150 – and there are loads of categories of products that are duty-free anyway.

On items sold by Amazon UK or fulfilled by Amazon UK, they are correctly calculating any Irish import VAT or duty and charging these at checkout for deliveries to Ireland . There will be no extra charges on delivery.

However – some of the sellers on Amazon UK who organise delivery themselves may not charge the Irish VAT or any duty at checkout. If they don’t , this will leave any import charges to be paid on delivery by the recipient. (Plus an admin fee ) . So it’s probably best to stick with “sold by Amazon” items unless it’s something you can’t get anywhere else.

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Brexit might also result in fewer third-party sellers on Amazon UK offering delivery to Ireland. They just may not want the hassle of dealing with VAT and customs forms.

Alternative Amazon Sites For Irish Shoppers

From January 2021 – if you can’t find what you want on Amazon UK or are concerned about duty charges – there are some alternative Amazon sites in Europe (But you won’t get free delivery. )

All of the European Amazon sites will deliver to Ireland – with some restrictions . At the time of writing – the only one that can be viewed in English is Amazon Germany (Amazon.De).

The French Amazon site can’t be viewed in English and it seems to have a lot of restrictions on items that can be deliveries to Ireland.

You ould try the Japanese Amazon site – it’s available in English and they deliver many items to Ireland. (1000 Yen as about €8 Euro)

The email address and password you use to sign in at usually works on any of the other Amazon sites.

Amazon Germany in English.

On it is easy to change the language from German into English You just click on the German flag at the top , next to the search box and you will be shown the different language options. To save you time – here is a link straight to the English Langauage Version of Amazon Germany

Delivery Charges to Ireland from Amazon Germany

Unlike the Amazon UK site, the German Amazon site does not seem to have the option of free delivery to Ireland. Even Amazon Prime members have to pay the same as everyone else for delivery to Ireland.

Amazon Germany Delivery to Ireland.
Shipping Charges are listed below:

(Including Irish VAT of 21%)

Standard Delivery (3-5 working days) Books, music, DVD, software, video games consoles) €5 per delivery plus €1.30 per kg
Standard Delivery (3-5 working days) all other items* €7.50 per delivery
plus €1.30 per kg
Express Delivery (2 working days) only on eligible items* €8 per delivery
plus €2 per kg
Free Delivery To Ireland is Not Available

  • Amazon say that some individual products cannot be delivered at the above rates due to properties that require higher delivery expenditure. (Size/Weight etc) Any items affected will have the higher delivery rates shown.
  • Items declared as hazardous materials can not be delivered to Ireland.

We found that sometimes the delivery charges shown on the individal product pages do not match the actual delivery charge shown at checkout. On the examples we checked – the final figure was always lower .
Whilst these are the published delivery rates – we found that the actual delivery charges sometimes didn’t always match these figures exactly, but they were not far out.

Some examples of delivery Charges to Ireland

  • A PS4 Standard Delivery to Ireland – €11.97 weight 1kg
  • A Laptop priority delivery to Ireland. €11.40 Weight 750g
  • A Keyboard (Musical) – 3.75kg. Standard delivery €14.31
  • Amazon Echo Dot – Delivery not possible to Ireland.
  • Kindle Fire Tablet – Delivery not possible to Ireland

Checked January 2021