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Student Bank Accounts in Ireland

Most banks in Ireland have special Student Bank Accounts  - and they sometimes offer cashback or other incentives to entice new students to open an account with them. The Banks are hoping that once they get a new ...
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Charges on Current Bank Accounts in Ireland

The majority of the banks in Ireland now have some sort of transaction fees or admin charges on current bank accounts. The options for current accounts in Ireland will be shrinking over the next couple of years as ...
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Business Banking Charges

Business Current Account Charges in Ireland - a Comparison. If you run a business - as a sole trader or a limited company, you should probably have a business current account with a bank.Small sole traders or freelancers ...
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Switching Current Account

How easy is it to switch current bank accounts ? There are about  5 million current accounts held in Irish banks . The number of people switching current accounts from one credit institution to another under the Central ...
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