Minimum Wage in Ireland 2022

The Minimum Wage in Ireland in 2022 was €10.50 per hour. It was increased from €10.20 an hour in January 2022.

The minimum wage in Ireland was increased to €11.30 an hour from January 2023 .

These are the minimum rates of pay in Ireland from January 1st 2022

Age of EmployeeMinimum Hourly Wage
Aged 20 or more€10.50 per hour
Aged 19€9.45 per hour
Aged 18€8.40 per hour
Under 18€7.35 per hour
Minimum Wage Rates Ireland 2022

How Much Does Someone on the Minimum Wage Earn?

Someone aged 20 or more earning the Minimum Wage in Ireland in 2022 of €10.50 per hour , working full time (39 hours a week) will earn : €21,294 in a year before deductions of Income Tax , USC and PRSI .)

  • This is equivalent to €1774 per month
  • or €409.50 a week

The total deductions in a year will be €1831 – made up of

  • Income Tax : €859
  • PRSI €726
  • USC €246

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Take-Home Pay on the Minimum Wage

After deductions – the take-home pay in 2022 for a full-time single worker on the €10.50 minimum wage will be :-

  • €19,463 a year
  • €1622 a month
  • €374 a week.

Minimum Wage to be Replaced with Living Wage

The government is proposing that the minimum wage will be replaced by the living wage – and that the living wage will be set at 60% of the median wage in any given year.

Low Pay Commission has set an indicative National Living Wage for 2023 of €13.10 per hour.

The intention is to phase in the Living Wage between now and 2026 when it will become mandatory. In the meantime, it will be revised annually as a benchmark for employers.

It has been confirmed that the minimum wage in Ireland is going to be increased to €11.30 an hour from January 2023 .

UK Minimum Wage

In Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK – these are the minimum wage rates in 2022. They were effective from April 2022

Age 23 +21 to 2218 to 20Under 18Apprentice
UK Minimum Wage Rates

These Were The Minimum Wage Rates in Ireland in 2021 

  • Aged under 18 :  – €7.14 per hour (70%)
  • Aged 18  : – €8.16 per hour  (80%)
  • Aged 19 :  – €9.18 per hour (90%)
  • Aged 20 or more  :  – €1020 per hour

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If you think your employer is not paying you the correct Minimum Wage in Ireland in 2022 you should contact the Workplace Relations Commission, O’Brien Road, Carlow.
Tel – (059) 917 8990

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