Lowest Mortgage Rates in Ireland

We always try to keep potential homebuyers or mortgage switchers up to date on the lowest mortgage rates available in Ireland. Doing a comparison of Irish mortgage interest rates is a bit easier in 2021 than it was a few years ago –  because there are fewer lenders operating in Ireland and a lot fewer mortgage products.

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Fixed Rates

For first time buyers looking for as much as a 90% mortgage – the lowest rate available is a 2.15% fixed for 4 years at Haven Mortgages for properties with a BER of B3 or better only .

Newcomers  , Avant Money , have a three year fixed-rate mortgage at 2.35% on LTV up to 90% . Only available through brokers (Such as Money Sherpa)

If you can afford a 20% deposit – you can get a 7year fixed rate of 2.2% at Avant Money .(LTV 70 to 80%) See Money Sherpa for a detailed comparison for your circumstances

Variable Rates

The lowest variable mortgage rates for new customers are from AIB or Haven at  3.15% with a maximum LTV of 90%.

If you can manage a 20% deposit – you could get a variable rate of 2.95% – again from AIB or Haven.

If you are thinking of switching your mortgage to get a lower rate – you should take account of the fact there will be legal costs and valuation fees involved (Typically €1,300  in total)  But many lenders are offering cashback to new customers to help with switching costs.

You can get help and advice on switching your mortgage from Money Sherpa . These are a firm of financial advisors based in Ireland who will arrange your mortgage switch for free.

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Also – if you are having problems getting a big enough mortgage from the banks – you should think about applying for a mortgage under the Rebuilding Ireland Home Loan scheme. They are offering a pretty good long term fixed rate of just 2.745% over 25 years – but you must have applied to two banks and been refused first.

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Interest Rates Figures checked October 2021