Cheapest Broadband Deals in Ireland.

Broadband Price Comparison

Prices were checked on February 19th 2024

We regularly check the prices of broadband packages to help you find the Cheapest Broadband Deals in Ireland.
There are some big savings to be made by switching to a cheaper broadband provider.

These are the cheapest broadband deals in Ireland for new customers.

Broadband and Home Phone Price Comparison

Broadband ProviderPhone Calls IncludedTotal Cost
in First Year
Maximum Speed
SkyNone€360€60 (€30 for 12 months)500Mbps
Pure TelecomNone€360 €40 (€30 for 12 months)100Mbps
VirginNone€420€70 (reduced to 35 for first 12 months)500 Mbps
One Big Switch (Vodafone)None€450€40 a month
(*€35 for first 6 months)
500 Mbps
DigiwebAnytime€455.40 €49.95 per month.
(reduced to €37.95 a month for the first year)

1. Sky has a broadband-only deal – with speeds of up to 500mbs. You don’t need a dish – it’s a fibre connection with a dedicated line direct to your home . It comes with unlimited downloads and free off-peak calls to Irish landlines. It costs €60 a month with the first 12 months at €30 per month. This works out at €360 in year one including connection.

1. Pure Telecom has a broadband-only offer – with speeds of up to 100Mbs. The price is €30 a month rising to €40 a month after 12 months. (Year 1 cost €360).

3. Virgin Media  (only available in larger cities and towns )  have a broadband offer with up to 500Mb speeds . It is priced at €70 a month, reduced to €35 per month for the first 12 months. This will come to €420 in the first year. (12-month contract).  Full Details and option to Sign up Here

4. One Big Switch has a good home broadband deal with Vodafone. The price is €40 per month for 12 months with the first 6 months at €35 . It works out at €450  in year one and it has broadband speeds of up to 500Mb/s
After 12 months the price will only increase by inflation plus 3%. (This would currently mean an increase of about 8% next year which would mean a price of about €43 a month in year two). Some of the other providers are charging as much as €75.99 a month in year 2.

You can register for FREE with One Big Switch and there are no fees to be a member.

5. Digiweb’s broadband and phone bundle comes with anytime calls and speeds of up to 100Mb. The normal price of €49.95 per month is reduced to €37.95 for a year – which works out at €455.40 in year one

In all the above examples – the actual speeds available will depend on your location.

Prices Checked Feb 2024

Broadband Tips

You can check the best current broadband prices , speeds and availability in your area on the very useful site

Another way to sometimes get good broadband deals is to sign up with One Big Switch. They negotiate bulk deals with broadband providers every few months.

Finally , we encourage you always to check back here before you switch to ensure you get the cheapest broadband deal available.

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