Pay of CEO of Centrica (Owners of Bord Gais Energy)

There has been a fair bit of coverage in some of the media about  the “bonuses” or performance related pay of some Irish Water staff.
Irish Water  is a semi-state company -and there is a cap set by government on the salaries of CEOs of semi states (currently €250k a year for new appointments) Some semi state CEOs get more than this because they were in their posts before the cap was introduced.

The government though – has no control any more over pay arrangements for Bord Gais Energy staff  since it was sold off to Centrica (Owners of British Gas) back in the summer.

If you missed it – here are some more details of the BGE Sell Off to Centrica

It is interesting to see the amount of pay the CEO of Centrica gets.
Their new boss  is a man called Iain Conn  –  and his  a pay-and-shares package will be  £3.7m (€4.6m) this year . (This is less than his predecessor.)

Centrica has come under fire from politicians in the UK  as  average annual household energy bills there have soared from £819 to £1,353 in the past five years.  Consumer groups accuse the suppliers of profiteering.