Home Insurance Price Comparison 2022

Home Insurance is not compulsory – but if you have a mortgage your lender will insist on buildings insurance being in place.
Even if you don’t have a mortgage, it is wise to have home insurance so you can claim to repair or replace buildings, contents and valuables if there is a burglary, fire or other damage.

We carried out a Home Insurance Price Comparison in June 2022

The price comparison involved getting quotes for 1 year of buildings and contents insurance from just 4 different insurers on the same property.
( The property was a 4 bed detached house in Galway with a rebuild cost of €250k including contents of €25k.)

All the house insurance quotes included an excess of €250 except for Aviva which had an excess of €275.

The cheapest home insurance quote from the 4 companies we tried was from Zurich. It was €390 cheaper than the most expensive quote we obtained.

Zurich quoted €348 (or €369 with accidental cover included).
This price was obtained using a special discount offer from One Big Switch .

(You can easily sign up to get this offer here at One Big Switch)

The Zurich quote included:

  • 24/7 Home Emergency Assistance with up to 4 free call outs per year. (Covers up to €300 per call out.)
  • Personal possessions cover outside the home up to €2,000. (single item limit €750.)
  • Cover of home office equipment of up to €4,000.

Even bigger Zurich discounts are available with One Big Switch when you sign up for 2 or 3 years of home insurance.

  • Aviva quoted €484 for their home insurance cover – and €496 if accidental damage was included.
  • The Liberty Insurance quote was €673 and €697 with accidental damage included.
  • Axa Insurance provided the most expensive quote of €738 for home and contents cover. Their quote with accidental buildings cover added was €767

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