A Review of the One Big Switch Energy Offer.

One Big Switch has a good electricity switching offer running in February 2024

Electricity Offer

The One Big Switch electricity offer is with newcomer Yuno Energy .
This deal will work out at an annual bill of €1343 for average usage when the €20 free credit is included.
If you are on standard rates with another supplier – this could save you as much as €500 in a year.

This is one of the cheapest electricity deals on offer at the moment. (Note – an Active Smart meter is required but you can get one fitted for free after joining). It is a fixed rate tariff – for 12 months.

You can see all the details of the offer when you register for free with One Big Switch.
You can sign up very easily with just your email address on the One Big Switch Website.
You are under no obligation to buy anything.

Yuno Energy is the first new supplier to enter the Irish residential electricity market in over three years, The firm is a subsidiary of Prepaypower, the pay-as-you-go electricity provider, which has been operating in Ireland for many years. Yuno Energy .

The difference with Yuno Energy is that customers are charged a month in advance based on a personalised usage prediction and your unit rate. They predict how many units of electricity (kWh) you will consume each month using historical data from your meter. If your actual usage was less than the initial payment, they will deduct the extra credit from the cost of the Prediction. You can avoid overspending by using their app to track usage against prediction with the daily Forecast.

one big switch

One Big Switch launched in Ireland in 2014. They work by getting large numbers of people ‘onboard’ and then use this market power to try and get good deals from suppliers of energy, broadband and insurance. (They make a commission for each customer they get.)
One Big Switch began in Australia , here in Ireland, over 480,000 people are registered with One Big Switch.

Figures checked Feb 19th 2024

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