A Review of the One Big Switch Energy Offer.

One Big Switch had some very good energy-switching offers running in October – but they ended on October 21st .

Electricity Discount Offer

The One Big Switch electricity offer is with Bord Gais Energy and it is 33% off standard Bord Gais rates for a year.
This discounted rate will work out at an annual bill of €1637 for average usage.

This was the cheapest electricity deal on offer at the time – (ended Oct 21st) .

You can see all the other offer available when you register with One Big Switch. You are under no obligation to buy anything – on the One Big switch website.

Dual Fuel Offer

The discounted dual fuel offer from One Big Switch was also with Bord Gais Energy. This offer got you a discount of 33% off their standard gas and electricity rates for 12 months.
This worked out as an annual bill, for average usage, of €2972.

This offer ended on Oct 21st

The One Big Switch offer also included the option of 50% off “Complete Boiler Care” from Bord Gais Energy.

You can see the terms and conditions when registering with One Big Switch. (You are under no obligation to buy anything) .

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Figures checked Oct 14th 2022

Comparison of Electricity Prices

Gas Prices Compared