A Review of the One Big Switch Energy Offer.

One Big Switch has a couple of very good energy-switching offers running at the moment. (September 2022) – but they might not last for long.

Electricity Offer

The One Big Switch electricity offer is with Bord Gais Energy and it is 33% off standard Bord Gais rates for a year.
Taking account of the upcoming October increase – this discounted rate will work out at an annual bill of €1685 for average usage.

This is the cheapest electricity deal on offer at the moment – but it may not be around for long.

You can see the full offer terms and conditions if you register with One Big Switch. You are under no obligation to buy anything – on the One Big switch website.

Dual Fuel Offer

The discounted dual fuel offer from One Big Switch is also with Bord Gais Energy. This offer gives you a 33% discount off their standard gas and electricity rates for 12 months.
This currently works out as an annual bill, for average usage, of €3013. (Includes price increase on October 2nd)

This is currently the lowest-priced dual fuel deal available in Ireland.

The One Big Switch offer also includes the option of 50% off “Complete Boiler Care” from Bord Gais Energy.

You can see the terms and conditions when registering with One Big Switch. (You are under no obligation to buy anything) .

You can compare this offer from One Big Switch with those from other suppliers on our page showing the Best Dual Fuel Deals in Ireland

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Figures checked Sept 25th 2022

Comparison of Electricity Prices

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