May Bank Holiday Welfare and Pension Payments

Monday, May 1st 2023 is a Public Holiday and a Bank Holiday in Ireland. All banks and  Post Offices will be closed on 1st May 2023.
So this means that any welfare payments and state pensions due on Monday 1st May should be paid on Friday 28th April.
(The payments for the previous week will contain a bonus of €200)

See a full list of Bank Holidays in Ireland Here

Payment Arrangements for Welfare and Pensions:

Payment via the Post Office

Payments due on Monday 1st May can be collected from Friday April 28th .
Any payments due on Tuesday 2nd May should not be affected.

Payments directly to Bank Accounts or Credit Unions

Any welfare or state pension payments that are due to be paid into banks/credit unions on Monday 1st May should be paid into accounts on Friday 28th April.

Child Benefit is due on Tuesday 2nd May 2023

This should arrive in bank accounts on the usual day. In some cases, it might possibly arrive early depending on your bank. (Saturday or even Friday ). But don’t rely on this happening.
Post Office payments should be unaffected.

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