Best Savings Rates in Ireland

Interest rates on Savings Accounts in Ireland have been slowly dropping over the last few years. Many instant access deposit accounts now pay a tiny 0.01% rate of interest. On a deposit of €50,000 that would make just ...
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Electricity and Gas Price Increases

Electricity and Gas Price Increases on the Way

April 2021 will see Electricity and Gas Price Increases from almost all the energy suppliers in Ireland. Flogas  are increasing charges from April 12th . Electricity will rise by 8.5% and gas by 6.5% Panda Power are increasing ...
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save money

Top Money Saving Tips

Here at Money Guide Ireland, we always have some useful tips on how to cut your bills and save money. These money saving tips are probably even more relevant now in the current pandemic crisis. Many households will ...
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1890 call costs

Free UK Calls from Ireland

This article looks at some of the cheaper options for calling UK landlines and mobiles from landlines in Ireland. We looked at which landline providers offer the cheapest rates or even FREE UK Calls From Ireland. We also ...
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Bin Charges in Ireland

Pay by weight Bin Charges were first supposed to become compulsory in Ireland back in July 2016 . However those changes were suspended for a year after concerns about bin companies raising prices. In July 2017 : The ...
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cheapest electricity prices in Ireland

Lowest Mortgage Rates in Ireland

We always try to keep potential homebuyers or mortgage switchers up to date on the lowest mortgage rates available in Ireland. Doing a comparison of Irish mortgage interest rates is a bit easier in 2021 than it was ...
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