Irish Water Application Packs

Irish Water were originally going to start charging households for water from October 1st 2014  – with the first bills due from January 2015 onwards.
All the original plans have now been altered by the Government (on Nov 19th) – and charges won’t start until Jan 1st 2015 .  See More About The Changes to Water Charges Here

The Deadline for returning the forms has been extended to February 2nd 2015 (Was previously Oct 31st then Nov 30th )

There was no full, accurate record of which homes were actually  connected to the mains water supply or to the main sewers.   Irish Water  have taken over the responsibility for water services from the local councils – and record keeping there was probably non existent or very poor. So – Irish Water  sent out about 2 million w “application packs” during September 2014 – asking householders to confirm what type of water and waste water connections they have.

These “application”  forms  were also being used to apply for the “free” water  allowances of 30,000l per household and 21,000l per child. PPS numbers were originally required to get these allowances.
The changes announced on Nov 19th included the removal of the 30 thousand litre allowance. Homeowners are no longer will  asked to provide their PPS number or the PPS number of any children living there.
Details of the Water Charge Amendments announced on Nov 19th Here

Assessed (unmetered) charges will be based on the number of adults in a household – so Irish Water will also be asking for the total number of people living in the property  on these “application packs”.

More details of the  Revised Unmetered  Water Charges here .


Irish Water say that  that if the application packs are not completed – that water charges will still be billed . Without a returned form – the the default charge for all homes will be be for water and sewage for 2 adults. (i.e €260 a year).

More about Water Charges here

IrishWater are promoting these forms as if they are applications for the  free allowances – but in reality the form is also an agreement  to be a customer of Irish Water and to set up a customer account with them. BUT   – no signature is required.

On the forms it states  ”  It is an offence under the Water Services Act, 2007 (as amended) to knowingly provide false or misleading information in this form and a person who does so is liable to a fine on summary conviction. By completing and returning this form, I declare that to the best of my knowledge all of the information provided is true and accurate. If I have confirmed that I am connected to the public water main and/or the public sewer then I declare that I am a customer of Irish Water, otherwise I am declaring that I am not a customer of Irish Water. Where I have declared I am a customer of Irish Water, I am confirming I have the authority to open an account at the premises and that I am liable for water charges at the premises. I confirm that I will advise Irish Water if there is any material change to the information provided in this form”

20 thoughts on “Irish Water Application Packs

  1. I have filled out the form as requested but I put in my two adult children who are away in college what will happen now,will iget charged the full amount as I am on invalidity pension

  2. Our ‘holiday home’ still hasn’t received it yet. Yet our family a house across has, conspiracy?

  3. As a landlord with a signed contract by tenant to pay water charges tenant now refusing to fill in IW app. IW tell me I am liable for their water charge if they don’t receive form from tenant and under some act i am the occupier and liable. I have registered tenant with PRTB and have confirmation of tenant paying for other utilities also paid my NPPR on property surely this is proof enough that I am NOT the occupier. I told IW that I intend to furnish them With tenants PPSN no. On app. Like I did for PRTB….
    They replied it an offence to make a false declaration….what’s false about letting them know I am NOT the occupier and therefore not liable for my tenants use of water??? Can you please throw some light on this situation.????? Where do I stand???

  4. Hi MGI,

    If we don’t receive a our application pack is it the same as not returning the forms?

    We bought very early this year and are unmetered.

    • If you don’t get a form it probably means they haven’t got your house on their records yet. They are getting details from Property TAx – so if you are not on the LPT system they might not know you exist!
      Eventually they will meter you (if you are not in apartment) and then things might start to happen.
      To save any big bills it might be an idea to get in touch with them ?

      • Yeah. Irish Water said give them until the end of the month so all the packs get delivered. Hate having to call up to pay though!


  5. Have not received form in post , but most of neighbors have… what do I do, as I have no meter either but do have a spetic tank? I have paid the property tax but had to contact them also as got no original letter…. If I leave it will I be charged 176 where I should be only charged 88 is this correct?

    • If you have no form – then they don’t have your details. If you want them to set you up you should probably ring them

  6. Hi, I have recently completed my self build house. I have a biocycle for my waste water. I also had to install a large rainwater harvester as a condition of planning by co. Council. As I have not had a metre installed yet will i miss out on either of these benefits? Any advice or information would be much appreciated.


  7. I rent a bedsit in Dublin 6. I have not received an Irish Water application pack through the post, so I don’t have an application number or a PIN. When I ring Irish Water on 1890 448 448, I get a voice message that says Irish Water are inundated with telephone calls and I should contact them online instead. There is nowhere on to tell them that I haven’t received an application pack and that I don’t have an application number or PIN. Is this a devious rouse to get me to run round in circles for the next six months so that Irish Water can overcharge me for not signing up?

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