raisin bank ireland

Raisin Bank Ireland – a Summary

Back in April 2016, we saw the launch of Raisin Bank in Ireland , which describes itself as an online deposit marketplace. On 2 and 3 year fixed rates , with Raisin - you can get more than ...
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Savings Accounts for Children

Starting a savings account for a child is a good way of getting them in the habit of putting money aside for the future. Every year at First Communion time thousands of Catholic children in Ireland are given ...
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sky broadband ireland

Sky Offers in Ireland

Sky Ireland  often have some special offers to try and entice new customers to sign up.One of their latest offers is Sky TV , Sky Sports and Sky Cinema for €44.50 a month for 6 months. The normal ...
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save money

Top Money Saving Tips

Here at Money Guide Ireland, we always have some useful tips on how to cut your bills and save money. These money saving tips are probably even more relevant now in the current pandemic crisis. Many households will ...
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Tax on Savings Interest in Ireland

In Ireland the government charge a tax on the interest you receive on savings accounts in Ireland. This tax is known as Deposit Interest Retention Tax or DIRT for short. Since January 1st 2020 the rate of DIRT ...
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Financial New Year Resolutions for 2021

Here are some money saving ideas that you might want to adopt as new year resolutions in 2021. Reduce your mortgage debt by overpaying each month (if your lender allows it) Switch your mortgage to a lower interest ...
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