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State Savings Interest Rates 2021

3-year Savings Bond (Issue 17) 1% total return (AER 0.33%)4-year National Solidarity Bond (Issue 6) 2% total return (AER 0.5%)5 -year Savings Certificate (Issue 23) 3% total return (AER 0.59%)10-year National Solidarity Bond (Issue 7) : 10% total ...
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Savings Accounts for Children

Starting a savings account for a child is a good way of getting them in the habit of putting money aside for the future. Every year at First Communion time thousands of Catholic children get given cash gifts ...
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Raisin Offering Better Interest Rates in Ireland

Back in April 2016, we saw the launch of Raisin Bank in Ireland , which describes itself as an online deposit marketplace. On 2 and 3 year fixed rates , with Raisin - you can get almost double ...
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Best Savings Rates in Ireland

Interest rates on Savings Accounts in Ireland have been slowly dropping over the last few years. Many instant access deposit accounts now pay a tiny 0.01% rate of interest. On a deposit of €50,000 that would make just ...
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Historic Interest Rates on Savings in Ireland

The Interest Rates available on instant access savings accounts in Ireland are currently the lowest they have been for several years.  The top rate available in Ireland right now is just 0.21% from PTSB . We have dug ...
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Bank of Ireland Mortgage Saver Account – €2000 Bonus

Bank of Ireland  launched an interesting regular savings account back in 2016 for first time buyers called the "Mortgage Saver ".  It originally started with just a 10% bonus - but later it was amended and now savers ...
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