Social Welfare August Bank Holiday Payments

All Social Welfare offices will be closed on the August Bank Holiday Monday, 3rd August 2020  , as will all the Post Offices and banks.

If you are due to sign for a Jobseeker’s payment at your Intreo or social welfare office on Monday 3rd August  –  you do not have to sign on that day.

Post Office Collection :

You can collect welfare and state pension payments that are due to be paid on Monday 3rd August at the post office from Friday 31st July  .

Bank Payments

Electronic payments to banks that are due on Monday 3rd August will be paid early instead, on Friday 31st July 2020

Child Benefit payments will be in bank accounts by Tue 4th August.  Some payments might come early (Saturday) but do not rely on this .


Payments for Casual Jobseekers, due to be paid on Tuesday 4th August will be paid later instead on Wednesday 5th August.

See a list of all the Bank Holidays in Ireland

13 thoughts on “Social Welfare August Bank Holiday Payments

    • I’m with bank of Ireland and I still havnt got mine so Im guessing it will probly be Tuesday

  1. Do you have illines benefit on Account now? Is Sunday and nothing on my acc

    • Is there a delay on payments today? My money is usually in by 9am amd its still not in my bank yet? Anybody else get theres

  2. Payments are always a bit later after a bank holiday. It will be there today.

  3. My child benefit has been cancelled, they claimed they sent out a form which I didn’t receive I’m living in homeless accommodation an got up at 7 this morning to get electric and essentials but my account had nothing in it, I waited until 9 till I finally got through to them an they just said cancelled, they’d send me out a new form return it an I should be back up an running next month, seriously tell that to my kids there suffering enough were we are living!!!

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