moving to ireland

Buying a House in Ireland While Living Abroad

After the Brexit vote, there was an increase in the number of people in the UK thinking about moving to Ireland. Some of these may have been Irish people moving back home, others might have been UK citizens ...
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Stamp Duty Rates in Ireland

Irish Stamp Duty Rates in 2021 All house purchases in Ireland are liable for stamp duty.Any Stamp Duty exemptions for house purchases were removed in December 2010. Stamp Duty Rates on Residential Property Purchases in Ireland 2021. 1% ...
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property tax

Affordable Mortgages – Rebuilding Ireland

A government-backed mortgage scheme - the "Rebuilding Ireland Home Loan" (RIHL) has been running since February 1st 2018. Some people call it the "affordable mortgages scheme" This RIHL provides mortgages at reduced interest rates to first-time buyers who ...
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Help to Buy Scheme Updates

The Help to Buy Scheme or "HTB" Scheme allows first-time buyers in Ireland to claim a tax rebate up to 5% of the value of a new home they are buying. Update - July 2020 . As part ...
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Bank of Ireland Mortgage Saver Account – €2000 Bonus

Bank of Ireland  launched an interesting regular savings account back in 2016 for first time buyers called the "Mortgage Saver ".  It originally started with just a 10% bonus - but later it was amended and now savers ...
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Is now a Good Time to Buy a House ?

Everyone needs somewhere to live - people leave home, get married , split up, have bigger families and they need somewhere to live . If you need a home - then now  is not a bad time to ...
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