Minimum Wage in Ireland 2019

The Minimum Wage in Ireland will be increased from January 1st 2019. It will rise by 25 cent per hour, from €9.55 to €9.80.

These are the Minimum Wage Rates that will apply in  Ireland from January 2019.

  • Experienced adult worker €9.80 per hour
  • Over 19 and less than 2 years since gegan first job  €8.82 per hour. (90%)
  • Over 18 and less than 1 years since began first  job  €7.84   per hour. (80%)
  • Aged under 18   €6.86 per hour (70%)

(An experienced adult worker –  for the purposes of the National Minimum Wage Act –  is an employee who has an employment of any kind in any 2 years over the age of 18.)

Government figures show that there are 151,800 employees (i.e. 8.9% of all employees) currently on the minimum wage.

For example:

A 19 year old gets his first job on June 1st 2019 – he is entitled to €7.84 an hour.
He won’t be entitled to €8.82 an hour until June 1st 2020 – the first anniversary of his first job. He won’t be entitled to €9.80 an hour until June 1st 2021 – the second anniversary of his first job.  It doesn’t matter how long he worked in each job or if there were gaps in employment.

If you think your employer is not paying you the minimum wage you can contact the Workplace Relations Commission, O’Brien Road, Carlow.
Tel – (059) 917 8990

Minimum Wage Rates for  2018 Here

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