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How Much is The Minimum Wage in Ireland?

Minimum Wage Rates in 2022 The minimum wage in Ireland was increased from January 2022. The Minimum Wage in Ireland in 2022 is €10.50 per hour. The 2022 minimum wage for someone aged 20 or more is €10.50 ...
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Bank Holidays in Ireland 2022 -2023

A Bank Holiday is a day on which the banks are closed. BUT - not all bank holidays are Public Holidays. There are currently 9 bank holidays in Ireland - but from 2023 onwards there will be 10 ...
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Property Tax Dates 2022

The 2022 Local Property Tax (LPT) liability date was November 1st 2021. If you owned a residential property on November 1st 2021 you are liable for the Property Tax on it for 2022.This year , all homes needed ...
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Property Tax Exemptions for 2022

LPT Liability 2022 All residential properties on 1 November 2021, are liable for LPT for the year 2022. However, there are some remaining Property Tax Exemptions for 2022 See details of LPT bands for 2022 A property becomes ...
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