Bin Charges in Ireland

Pay by weight Bin Charges were first supposed to become compulsory in Ireland back in July 2016 . However those changes were suspended for a year after concerns about bin companies raising prices. 

In July 2017 : The Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment announced that they would not be enforcing a Pay by Weight system . Instead – they would no longer allow flat rate bin charges  to be applied.

So new customers or renewing customers cannot be offered a flat rate fee for residual household waste after 30th September 2017.

So – this means waste collection companies are free to use several options or combinations of charging methods such as :

  • standing charges
  • pay per-lift
  • pay per-kilogramme,
  • pay by weight-bands
  • weight allowance charges.   Standing charges are still going to be allowed but the bin companies will also have to incorporate a charge that relates to the amount of waste a household produces.

Note: If you live in a town with a population of over 500 – your bin provider is obliged to give you a brown bin for food waste and other organic waste. This was supposed to have been the case since 2016 – but it seems some waste companies have not been providing them in some areas.

Food waste is typically the heaviest waste – so by putting all your food waste in the brown compost bin you will reduce any weight related charges on your general waste.

Charges for Recycling Bins

The majority of bin companies didn’t initially charge for green recycling bins – but that started to change in 2018 because of the increased costs of recycling.

Dublin Bin Charges Compared  – 2021  

4 thoughts on “Bin Charges in Ireland

  1. THe charges in the article are a selection from various areas. Most bin companies will have specific prices for each area they cover.

  2. Thanks for the comment Peter. It does seem that many people who already recycle a lot could end up paying more with some bin companies because of these service charges. There is talk of a cap being introduced so that people won’t pay more from July than they paid in teh last 12 months. We will see if that happens or not.

  3. Hi, I have to apologise for my wild exaggeration. The figures I was ‘quoted’ for service charge were far in excess of the reality.
    Allied 2.99 Pw .23c per k rubbish .07 per k recycling

    Mulleady: 13 Euro Pcm .22c rubbish 10c recycling

    As I work hard at not making rubbish, composting, buying loose veg etc etc we manage to put out approx 1 bin per 6 to 8 weeks for each. The current tags cost 20 Euro for the two. So I would already be paying more for garbage disposal without measuring the weight. But I suspect not 250% as i stated above. More worryingly, i spoke to a bin man in the local last night and he said that most of their trucks don’t have the tech to weigh the bins, and in some cases not even to read the tags. Making the assumption that they are collected every week !!

    It seems to me that there is very little incentive in our area to reduce waste, which is the point of this surely?

  4. They published those charges of €14 per month – so maybe you should ask them why your quote was higher.
    All pay by weight charges are suspended for now anyway – so we will have to wait and see if prices change in the next 12 months or not.

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