M50 Toll Eflow Penalty Charges

Drivers using the M50 should be aware that non-payment of the toll will result in penalty charges being applied by Eflow.

The addition of penalties could bring the total amount due up as high as €153.10 .

Eflow Problems

The eflow website was out of action due to an upgrade in early August 2021 – so no one could pay tolls.
Eflow said that if you made a journey since midnight on Thursday 5th August, you had until 8pm on Friday 20th August to pay. Similarly, the payment deadline for any penalties due within this time was also been extended.

As part of the eflow system upgrade, they also upgraded their password policy. This means that all eFlow registered customers will be prompted to reset their password at their next login.

The eflow M50 QuickPay App is no longer available. Eflow say they are in the process of developing a brand new app for both iOS and Android platforms .
Also they say that if you are an existing M50 QuickPay App User with credit remaining on your account, don’t worry, this will be automatically applied to your Vehicle Registration Number for any future journeys you make.

We have seen several complaints on Twitter and Facebook about Eflow accounts being locked and tags no longer working. It seems the eflow system upgrade has not gone too well !

There are three M50 toll payment options for car drivers 

a) Register for a toll tag from one of the several suppliers and get charged €2.10 per journey.
b) you can register your car with eflow for a video recognition account and pay €2.60 per journey.
c) If you don’t register for a tag account or register your number plate for a video recognition account – you will have to pay €3.10  each time.(by 8pm the next day!)

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How To Pay The M50 Toll

If you have no toll tag or video account – the cameras will record your registration number as you pass through. You will then owe eFlow €3.10 Euro.
This toll charge can be paid in one of 3 ways:-

  • a) online at eflow.ie
  • b) Pay the toll over the phone : 1890 50 10 50 or  01 4610011 or
    • From UK / NI: 0845 30 15 405  . International phone number: +800 50 10 50 11 or +353 1 4610122
  • c) Pay at shops in Ireland that are signed up to the Payzone system. When paying, make sure that you enter your vehicle’s registration plate number correctly. Also, retain your receipt for proof of payment.
  • The eflow app is no longer available – but a new one has been promised.

How Much are the M50 Toll Penalty Charges and Fines?

  • If you don’t pay the €3.10 euro toll before 8 pm the day after you used the M50 – you will get a First Penalty Notice’ (STR) and will be charged a €3 penalty. (Total €6.10)
  • If this new total of €6.10 is not paid within another 14 days – you will be sent an Unpaid Toll Notice Letter (UTN) and charged another late payment charge of  €42. (Total due = €48.10)
  • Failure to pay the outstanding €48.10 euro due within a further 56 days will result in an additional €105 penalty being applied. Eflow pass this to their legal team – Pierse Fitzgibbon Solicitors – for collection.

So – the total due after 10 weeks ,including penalty charges, will be €153.10 Euro .

Not a bad margin by eFlow – €3.10 increasing to €153.10  in 71 days . That’s about 5000 percent increase on the initial charge.

How to Pay an Eflow Penalty Charge

  • You can pay an Eflow penalty online here.
  • Or you can pay in person with cash/card at any retail outlet nationwide which has the Payzone sign. You will need the penalty letter with you to scan the barcode.

After 10 weeks
, if you still have not paid, legal proceedings might be initiated.
Pierse Fitzgibbon Solicitors are the Enforcement Service Provider appointed by Transport Infrastructure Ireland.
This could end up with the possibility of a court fine of up to €5,000 for each missed payment, court costs as well as a possible jail term of six months, or all three. (No one has yet been jailed for non-payment.)

Appealing the Eflow Penalty Charges

If you believe you have wrongly received a penalty letter because your vehicle was not on the M50 at the time specified in the penalty letter or you have already paid your toll, you need to contact Eflow on their online contact form.

Eflow Contact Details

Phone – 0818 50 10 50 or the “Resolver Team ” 0818 50 70 50
Or International: +353 1 4610122Email info@eflow.ieTwitter @eflow_freeflow

Email info@eflow.ie

Twitter @eflow_freeflow

Summary of M50 Toll Charges 2021

A motor car or public service vehicle with seating for up to 8 passengers€3.10€2.60€2.10
A goods vehicle with an unladen vehicle weight not exceeding 2,000kg€4.00€3.50€2.90
A bus or coach with seating for more than 8 passengers€4.00€3.50€2.90
A goods vehicle with an unladen weight over 2,000 kg but under 10,000kg€5.30€4.80€4.30
A goods vehicle with an unladen weight exceeding 10,000kg€6.40€5.90€5.30
A tractor unit or an articulated vehicle€6.40€5.90€5.30

Figures Valid as at August 2021

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