M50 Toll Prices 2024

The Eflow M50 tolling system has been up and running since August  2008 . The system was operated by Emovis – In 2019 they made a profit of   €1.63 million .

Eflow is now operated by Turas Mobility Services .
Turas Mobility Services is a joint venture between the French company VINCI Highways (a subsidiary of VINCI Concessions) and Abtran (based in Ireland).
Pierse Fitzgibbon Solicitors in Kerry , are the M50 Barrier Free Tolling Enforcement Service Provider.

In 2023, the expected national road tolling income was approximately €208 million. The primary source of tolling income is the M50 Toll, which contributes about 82%. (€170 Million)

If you don’t pay the M50 toll by 8pm on the day after you use the M50 – you will be liable for penalty charges (Fines). Read more here about M50 Toll Fines for Late Payment

Summary of M50 Toll Prices 2024

(The charges went up on Jan 1st 2024)

A motor car or public service vehicle with seating for up to 8 passengers€3.70€3.10€2.50
A goods vehicle with an unladen vehicle weight not exceeding 2,000kg€4.70€4.10€3.50
A bus or coach with seating for more than 8 passengers€4.70€4.10€3.50
A goods vehicle with an unladen weight over 2,000 kg but under 10,000kg€6.30€5.70€5.10
A goods vehicle with an unladen weight exceeding 10,000kg€7.50€6.90€6.30
A tractor unit or an articulated vehicle€7.50€6.90€6.30

Option 1. Pay as You Go –

 Your car registration number will be logged by cameras as you pass through the toll bridge/plaza. You will then be liable for a €3.70 euro toll which you can either :

a) pay online with a credit or debit card at eflow.ie or
b) pay by credit/debit card over the telephone on 0818 501050
c) pay by cash or card at Payzone outlets (many newsagents and convenience shops)

You must pay before 8pm the day after you use the M50 otherwise penalty charges kick in.

This pay-as-you-go option is only viable for people who may only use the M50 a couple of times a year. Apart from the hassle and time to make individual payments – the charge is much higher for this option. For example, 240 trips a year over the toll plaza would cost you €888 if you do it this way. (assuming you remember to pay each time and don’t incur any penalties or fines). This compares with €614 for the same journeys if you go for the cheapest tag option.

Option 2: Register with eflow.ie for a number plate video recognition account.

You give eflow your vehicle details and either debit card or bank details. As you use the M50 your registration is logged and Eflow charges you automatically each month for all the trips you made. The toll is €3.10 for this option. No monthly admin fees or tags. It is more for the casual user and means you will not have to worry about penalties if you can’t get to a Payzone in time . You can register  at Eflow.ie or over the phone on : 0818 501050

Option 3 – Register for a  Toll Tag Account

An electronic tag on the windscreen of your car is used to register your use of the M50 and the toll charges of just €2.50 euro a trip are deducted from your toll tag account. With a pre-pay tag  account – it is topped up automatically from your credit card or bank account when your balance runs low. Eflow offer the only post-pay tag – which can be paid by Direct Debit or Debit Card

This option has several choices – to confuse consumers even more. There are several tag providers with slightly different prices.

M50 Toll Tags Compared

For M50 users who pass the toll plaza more than 5 times a month the cheapest option is the tag account from  Eflow.ie Eflow.ie has another advantage  – because only Eflow offer a post-pay tag option with no preloading or auto top-up . You just pay for what you owe each month .(plus €1.23 euro admin a month). Pay by Direct Debit or Debit Card .

The slightly cheaper option for drivers doing less than 6 journeys a month is the “Pay as you Toll  Plus “account from TollTag.ie. The tag is free and they do not charge a monthly fee – but instead charge 25c (10%) on each toll.  If you are going to use the M50 more than 5 times a month the pay as you toll tolltag option gradually becomes more expensive than Eflow and the normal Tolltag.ie account.

Some figures and examples of annual toll costs (2024 figures used)

For 240 trips a year ( 20 trips a month )

  • Cheapest :  Eflow  and Easytrip €614.76 (Free Tag and €1.23 monthly admin fee)
  • TollTag.ie is also €614.76  (€1.23 monthly fee but there is a €20 refundable deposit)
  • Tolltag.ie €6660 (Pay as you Toll Plus  .  €20 deposit on tag + 10% admin fee)
  • Tolltag.ie €660 (Pay as you Toll : 10% admin fee and a €30 purchase fee.)
  • Eflow Video Recognition Account €744
  • Non Registration – €888

For a daily M50 user the cheapest tag option will save you €273.24 a year in toll charges compared to not registering for any type of account.

Costs for exactly 2 Trips a month (24 a year)

  • €66 for Tolltag.ie “Pay as you Toll Plus” account (€2.50 plus 10% per trip)
  • €74.40 For Eflow Video Recognition Account (€3.10 a trip) (Post Pay)
  • €74.76  for Free Tag and €1.23 a month fee plus €2.50 per trip ( Eflow.ie, Easytrip  )

So if you are going to be using the M50 toll more than twice a month it will be cheaper to get a Tag rather than a Video Registration account.

Figures correct as of January 1st 2024

Eflow Contact Details

  • Phone – 0818 50 10 50
    “Resolver Team ” 0818 50 70 50
    Or International: +353 1 4610122
  • Email info@eflow.ie
  • Twitter @eflow_freeflow
  • Post – PO Box 13294, South City DSU, Cork.
  • Website

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