Covid-19 Pandemic Unemployment Payment

The closure of businesses, because of Covid-19 affected thousands of workers in Ireland. To help people who had lost income, the government introduced the Pandemic Unemployment Payment.

How Much is the Covid-19 Pandemic Unemployment Payment

The Covid-19 Pandemic Unemployment Payment was initially €203 a week . It was then increased to €350 a week for claims from the 24th March. The payment will be reduced to €203 for some people in July – see below for details.

How Long Will it be Paid For ?

Important Update:– If you are getting the COVID-19 Pandemic Unemployment Payment, you must contact the Department by 13th July 2020 to confirm that you still qualify. More details Here .

Welfare originally said it would pay it for 6 weeks, later this was changed to 12 weeks . Eventually , it was to be paid for the “duration of the crisis”

Latest : A government press release (June 5th) said that the Pandemic Unemployment Payment (PUP) would continue “until at least Phase 5 of the Roadmap for Re-opening Society and Business.
That date is currently set as the 10th August 2020.
Note – the wording on the press release was changed a couple of days after it was published to remove the words ” at least”. So , for now, the payment is extended until Aug 10th. We do not know what will happen after August 10th.

Will it be reduced?

Reductions for some will take effect from June 29th.
The PUP rate will be cut to €203 per week for those whose average earnings were less than €200 per week.
All other claimants will remain on €350 a week.

If you are an employee, the Department will look at your average gross weekly earnings for 2019 and also the average for January and February of 2020. The highest average figure of the two will be used.

For example, if your average gross weekly earnings in 2019 were €195 and in the first 2 months of 2020 the average was €210, they will use the higher figure of €210.
Important- People who were receiving Job Seekers Allowance or Benefit as a part-time or casual worker immediately before this payment . They will remain on the full rate of €350 a week

If you are self-employed, they will use your average weekly income for 2018 to decide your rate of payment.

The first payment with the lower rate of €203 (for those affected) will be on Tuesday July 7th

If your rate is cut and you think you should continue on the €350 rate, you can appeal. You will need to request a review of earnings by forwarding all supporting documents. To request this review this you can :

email: OR

write to: PUP Rerate Requests, DEASP, Intreo Centre, Cork Road, Waterford

Will it be Backdated ?

There has been a lot of confusion about backdating. Many people who didn’t claim straight away or whose claims were delayed did not get the payment backdated to the date they lost their job.
On April 2nd a press release from Welfare said that… “any arrears due back to the last date of employment will be calculated and paid at a future date.”

On May 25th – Social Welfare said on their website … “If you are due arrears you will be paid when your claim is reviewed.
It may take a number of months before the Department will be able to review payments made to customers for the Pandemic Unemployment Payment. If you are due arrears you will be notified and receive payment. There is no need to take any further action.”

Ending a Claim When Going Back To Work

People who return to work should close their PUP claim on the actual date that they start back at work.

A single payment of the PUP covers 7 days from the Friday 11 days before the payday to the Thursday, 5 days before the payday.
If you close your claim and have at least one unpaid day of unemployment – welfare will pay you the full payment for that week.
So – this means that many workers will get one , or in some cases,two more payments after they return to work.

  • Example 1 –
  • Someone returns to work on Monday June 15th.
  • They close their claim on Monday June 15th
  • Covid Payment arrives Tuesday June 16th covering Fri June 5th to Thursday 11th June.
  • They are entitled to that full payment of €350.
  • They should also get another payment on Tue 23rd June because they were unemployed for at least one day from Friday 12th June.

Example 2

  • Someone returns to work on Saturday June 13th.They close their claim on June 13th
  • The Covid Payment on Tuesday June 16th covers Fri June 5th to Thursday 11th June.They are entitled to that full payment of €350.
  • They will also get another week’s payment on Tue 23rd June because they were unemployed on Friday 12th .

The easiest way to close a claim for the pandemic unemployment payment is online via

You can also email – at .
The department’s helpline is 1890 800 024 (Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm).

Back to School Clothing and Footwear Allowance

Important – It was confirmed by the Dept. of Social Protection that the PUP will be treated as a qualifying payment for the Back to School Allowance . (As long as claimants satisfy the other criteria.)

Claiming Jobseekers Benefit

Originally Welfare told everyone (some exceptions below) who applied for the PUP that they should also apply for a jobseekers’ payment within the first 12 weeks. This requirement for everyone to apply seems to have been dropped sometime in April – but couples with children should still apply because they may get more that way.

Why is the PUP higher than Jobseekers?

The payment is €350 per week . The government originally set it at a rate of €203 but then increased it to €350 on 24 March.

From 24th March – the same rate of €350 was paid to all successful applicants regardless of previous wage or hours worked.

The main reason it is a higher rate than the basic Jobseekers Benefit is that it had to be done in a hurry.
Welfare said that if they forced everyone to apply for Jobseekers and go through a full assessment – all the claims could have taken several weeks to get paid and thousands of people would have had no income. Instead , they set up this emergency payment of €350 for all with a quick and simple application.

The €350 a week is the same as the Jobseekers rate for an adult with an adult dependant. Some people may be getting more than they would on Jobseekers – but the Minister for Welfare has said that they would rather overpay some people instead of underpaying others.

The COVID payment includes no amount for children. If you have a dependent partner and children you will be better of on full Jobseekers. If you eventually qualify for a higher amount of Jobseekers – then welfare should backdate any underpayment .

Who Can Get It ?

  • Aged between 18 and 66
  • Living in Ireland
  • The payment is available to employees, self employed , full time or part time,
  • including people working and getting other social welfare benefits IF they have lost ALL employment in Ireland * because of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic.
    (includes temporarily laid-off from work or asked to stay at home from work due to the pandemic )
  • must have been in employment or self employment immediately before Friday 13 March 2020, OR . If you work shifts, short time or other atypical work patterns you must have been in employment on or after 6 March 2020.
  • *If you are a cross-border worker who lives in Ireland, were working in Northern Ireland and you lost your job due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you can also claim the COVID-19 Pandemic Unemployment Payment.
  • Self Employed people can claim it but your trading income has to have “collapsed to the extent that you are available to take up other full-time employment if it was offered to you.” They will qualify for as long as they are available to take up other work. (The requirement originally was that you must have ceased trading because of the pandemic – but that was amended in early April)
  • Students who lose all employment can also claim the new COVID-19 payment. However, students should not apply for a jobseeker’s payment afterwards as they are not eligible. They should remain on the new COVID-19 payment.
  • If you have voluntarily taken time off work to look after your child because of school or childcare closures and you are no longer paid by your employer, you can apply for the COVID-19 Pandemic Unemployment Payment.
  • If you were working and were also in receipt of any social welfare payment such as a Carers Payment, Working Family Payment (WFP) or One-Parent Family Payment, you can, provided you have lost your job due to Covid-19, also claim the Covid emergency payment, in addition to retaining your existing welfare payment. The €350 COVID- 19 Payment Unemployment Payment will replace your employment income and will be regarded by the Department as equivalent to previous employment income. Your underlying social welfare payment will be adjusted to take account of the difference between the Covid-19 payment and your normal employment income. This may take some time and any overpayments will be taken from future payments.
  • Originally (up to April 25th) people who lost your job and were getting a partial social welfare payment, such as Jobseeker’s Benefit or Jobseeker’s Allowance, did not qualify for the Pandemic payment. Instead, they were told they would get the full rate of jobseeker’s payment. This was changed on the Welfare website on 25th April and now they say if casual Jobseekers claimants are now fully unemployed as a result of the COVID pandemic they should apply for the COVID-19 Pandemic Unemployment Payment. Their casual claim will be suspended and the COVID-19 payment will issue instead.
  • People getting Working Family Payment (WFP) will keep their WFP if they have lost all their employment because of COVID-19 related issues. They should also claim the new COVID-19 payment. But they shouldn’t apply for a jobseeker’s payment as this will close their Working Family Payment claim. Welfare say that your underlying social welfare payment will be adjusted to take account of the difference between the Covid-19 payment and your normal employment income. This may take some time and any overpayments will be taken from future payments.

You are not eligible to apply for the Covid-19 Pandemic Unemployment Payment if you:

  • were not laid-off from work by your employer, or
  • are continuing to receive income from your employment, or
  • voluntarily left your employment. (except to look after children).
    • In April ,welfare amended the wording a couple of times – and they now say. ” If you left work to care for a child or another person and your employer is no longer paying you, in some circumstances, you may qualify . ” Contact the DEASP using MyWelfare or call 1890 800 024 to find out if you can qualify.

Who Can’t Get it ?

  • Workers who live in Northern Ireland cannot apply for the COVID-19 Pandemic Unemployment Payment. They can claim off the UK.
  • Originally (up to April 25th) people who lost your job and were getting a partial social welfare payment, such as Jobseeker’s Benefit or Jobseeker’s Allowance, did not qualify for the Pandemic payment. Instead, they were told they would get the full rate of jobseeker’s payment. This was changed on the Welfare website on 25th April and now they say if casual Jobseekers claimants are now fully unemployed as a result of the COVID pandemic they should apply for the COVID-19 Pandemic Unemployment Payment. Their casual claim will be suspended and the COVID-19 payment will issue instead.
  • Community Employment (CE) / TuS participants will continue to get a CE payment – so they should not apply for the COVID-19 Pandemic Unemployment Payment.
  • The application form asks the applicant to declare “I declare that I am not being paid by my employer at the moment.” So it should not be applied for if your hours have just been reduced. Your employer could apply for the COVID Wage Subsidy

Is it Taxable ?

Revenue has indicated that it will treat the COVID-19 Pandemic Unemployment Payment as taxable income.
If they treat it like Jobseekers Benefit – then when people return to employment it could result in an income tax liability of between 20% and 40% of the Covid Payments received. ( The actual amount will depend on your total income for the year). If your total taxable income in the year is less than €16500 – you will not be liable for any tax on it.

More Details here on the Taxation of Covid Unemployment Payment

How to Apply

There is no need for to attend your local Intreo Centre

You can apply online for the new COVID19 Pandemic Unemployment Payment. To apply, visit and register using just your email address.

Paper applications for the Pandemic Unemployment Payment can also be downloaded here , printed and returned to PO BOX 12896, Dublin 1. via Freepost, (you just write “Freepost” on the envelope).

Or you can phone the Dept of Social Protection on 1890 800 024 or 01 2481398 for an application form . Or email them –

You do not need to have a Public Services Card (PSC) to claim the new COVID-19 Pandemic Unemployment Payment. However, you will need to get one later.

Payments to Irish banks only . (Revolut and N26 accounts are not supported ).

Those applying on or after 8th April can also choose to collect their payment in a post office. They can nominate their local post office and they will need to bring a form of ID with them when collecting their payment .
Payments will be made into a bank/credit union account or to a nominated post office every Tuesday once an application is processed.

You can apply for full Jobseekers Payments through the online channel .

Note: Where employers send staff home in circumstances where they are not advised to do so, it is expected that they will continue to pay staff as normal. Employers can claim the Wage Subsidy if they keep paying them.

Any person who is not advised to self-isolate in accordance with the up-to-date guidelines of the HSE, but is requested to stay at home by their employer as a precaution against the spread of Covid-19 will, in situations where the employer cannot continue to pay their wages, be considered to have been temporarily laid-off and can apply for an income support in the form of a Jobseeker’s Payment or Supplementary Welfare Allowance.

The Department have said will eventually review all claims and will engage with Revenue Commissioners to identify those workers not eligible to avail of the Covid-19 Pandemic Unemployment Payment and will take steps to recover any incorrect payment.
Any person who knowingly claims the payment in circumstances where they are not entitled to the payment will be prosecuted.

The Dept asked for the co-operation of the public to ensure that only correct claims are submitted to ensure that they can process claims for people who really need the support as quickly as possible.


If you are getting the COVID-19 Pandemic Unemployment Payment or you are being paid under the COVID-19 Wage Subsidy Scheme, when you apply for social insurance payments (for example, Maternity Benefit, Adoptive Benefit and the State Pension (Contributory), you will be treated as if you have been paying insurance contributions based on your normal social insurance class.

125 thoughts on “Covid-19 Pandemic Unemployment Payment

  1. If someone was put on 3 days week can they claim 2 days from 203€ or 350€.My hours were cut because of Covid 19 and I have letter from employer.

    • If your working hours are reduced to 3 days or less per week, you should apply for Short Time Work Support which is a form of Jobseeker’s Benefit.
      Alternative is that your employer could go for the Wage Subsidy Scheme

  2. Hi. Is this payment available to people that live in Northern Ireland, but work in the south.

  3. can my employer process the €350 payment through their payroll, this was the system last week with the €203 or has that all changed

  4. hello, self employed here, I sell online worldwide and sales mostly stopped. those that I received I couldn’t post due to postal restrictions. I do hope to continue business as soon as situation improves. does this mean I haven’s ceased trading? Or do I qualify? thanks

  5. Hi, I’m receiving Jobseeker’s Transitional Payment and I’m working part time as well. I’m earning less than €165 weekly, so I’m receiving full allowances. My employer said he has to lay me off as there is no more work for me due to covid 19. Can I apply for Covid-19 Pandemic Unemployment Payment?

  6. Can you apply for this if you are working parttime and getting the state pension and then lose your job?

      • As far as we understand – is a temporary benefit which was set up to exist for 12 weeks only from the date it was announced.
        It is expected that if the crisis continues that claimants will move on to Jobseekers Benefits .
        So – as we understand it – when they end the COVId payment it will end for everyone.
        Not sure how they will move everyone over to Jobseekers – they might stagger it – so some people may well stay on the COVid payment for more than 12 weeks
        I am sure they will explain when the initial rush is over.

  7. Hi.
    Is it available for 12 weeks from 24th March or 12 weeks from the date you first get it? E.g. If I apply for the payment in let’s say 2 weeks time (mid-April) – could I still get it for 12 weeks?

  8. Do you know if seasonal workers need to reapply for the covid-19 payment. We are submitting casual dockets every week, have not worked for 2 weeks. So carry on submitting dockets or reapply? Thanks

  9. Hi,idid work on part time hours,and got 203 euro for first i’ll get 350 follow week?

  10. Hi, I’m getting invalidity pension and work part-time getting 150 euro a week. Would I qualify for COVID-19 Pandemic Unemployment Payment and if so how much would I get?

  11. Hi I am on FIS and currently still working in a nursing home, I have an underlying illness and I’m considering not to work due to such, will I lose my FIS ? And will I be eligible for the pandemic weekly payment?

  12. Hi
    Do you know if Back to Work Enterprise Allowance (BTWEA) recipients will receive the increase to €350 from €203?

  13. Is the covid 19 emergency payment per person or per household? I’ve lost my PAYE job & spouse lost self employed work. Do we both receive €350 each, as both lost jobs within last 7 days

  14. I was working 2 days per week and claiming jobsseekers for days not worked. I am out of work because of covid19 do I qualify for payment

    • Hi
      I was getting Working family payment on top my salary, I will be laid off work this Friday. Just wondering when I get only 350 will WFP increase automatically or I need to re-aply ( or apply some other payment)

      • Your income will be replaced by €350 Covid Payment. The COVID-19 Pandemic Unemployment Payment will replace your employment income and will be regarded by the DEASP as equivalent to employment income.

        Your underlying social welfare payment will be adjusted to take account of the difference between the Covid-19 payment and your normal employment income. This may take some time and any overpayments will be taken from future payments.

  15. What if your pregnant and doctor advised you to stay at home will you qualify

  16. Hi. I live with 2 at risk people (65+ and both have medical conditions). Can I ask my employer to be laid off to get the covid-19 payment? I feel that I cannot risk getting multiple buses to and from work and end up getting the coronavirus and passing it onto them. Thanks.

    • I got through to the helpline today and i am in the same boat and a carer for one of the over 66. I was told i do not have to go to work and am entitled to payment. Open to correction.

      • Hi Ellen. Thanks for the info. I’m not exactly a carer but am concerned about passing the virus onto them.

  17. I received my first payment today, 2 weeks after my application was made. It hasn’t been backdated..can anyone clarify? I thought it was said that it would be backdated.

    • Why are self employed people over 66 excluded Our pensions are paid for over our life’s working years and not a gift from the state This reeks of agism

  18. Hi I am a student getting Susi and I work part time , my employer gave me a form for unemployment payment. Will this affect my student grant or can I apply

  19. Hi I received my first payment of €203 last week this week I receive €350 will I get backdated the 147 from last week or just the €350

  20. I applied for this payment 2 weeks ago by post never heard anything nor have received any payment, I re applied today online Incase my form was lost, just wondering will my payments for the last 2 weeks be backdated as I stated on both forms my job was closed the 16th March

    • Am self employed taxi driver living in DONEGAL working in Derry. Apply for corvid19 last week.I got no reply so I rang Dublin to day 6th April spoke to a girl who I formed me I was not entitled to payment. When I asked reasons was given several but none made sense. Has any one come across this before, when you go on my welfare site it states the opposite.

      • My understanding is that you are entitled to claim the Covid Unemployment IF your trading income has collapsed to the extent that you are available to take up other full-time employment if it was offered to you.
        You live in Ireland – so you are eligible. The person on the phone must have been mistaken or confused.
        Originally they said that you had to cease trading to qualify – but this restriction seems to have been relaxed in the past week.
        What reasons were you given?

  21. I am 69 receiving the state pension and employed full time and have been laid off. Do I qualify for Covid payments.

  22. Hi, I am a student and claim susi, I also work 3 days per week. Does this payment effect my susi grant?

    • Hi Marie,
      Did you ever find the answer to your question as my daughter is in the same boat.

  23. Hi I was claiming a reduced disability allowance but allowed to work to a max of €350 p/wk . I have been temporarily payed off due to covid . Can I claim covid and does this replace my dis allowance or is on top of my allowance?

  24. Citizen Information calls it “voluntarily taken time off work to look after your child” does this include Parental Leave i.e. the scheme whereby you can take 18 weeks unpaid leave up until the child is 12. I know lots of people who have taken emergency parental leave due to the pandemic. Are they entitled to this covid-19 payment,

    • After some thought – I can’t see why a parent should lose parental leave in this situaton. So my opinion is that they should be entitled to the emergency payment in the same way as someone who has no parental leave left. Seems Fair ?

      • The parental leave process has been in place for many years, whereas the company doesn’t give career breaks, and temporary leave, I don’t know, I would be a little nervous about break in service. People are taking parental leave because you download the form, your manager signs it, and off you go. Temporary leave…….where do I even begin. If a parent is happy to take parental leave because of the pandemic, shouldn’t they be allowed claim the payment? I’m guessing its going to be a no.

    • Hi im self employed,own a hair salon,closed salon on wed 18th march applied for covod 19 payment online…havent received anything yet

  25. Hi, I applied for the pandemic payment over 2 weeks ago, I received a payment of €350 yesterday (Tuesday 31st), I was wondering will I be paid for the 2 previous weeks in the future or what the situation is.
    Thanks for any replies

  26. I am on unemployment benefit for 2 weeks now. I went to my local intreo office they basically said they were not sure to keep putting in the x and o form with no employer stamp or signature. I am continuing to do as they said. I rang the social welfare officers number in castlebar area and they told me to put in for the covid 19 payment. Both payments have come in now so any advice on what I should do I am surely not entitled to the 2 payments. I am only doing what both offices told me to do. Completely lost. The covid 19 was 350 if i loose that the unemployment benefit was only 150. Which one am I entitled to and what would u recommend I do now.

  27. Hi,
    I am on Casual Jobseeker’s Benefit, currently working only 1 day per week from home. In order to get paid I need to drop off each week my dockets to local Social Welfare which is 20min drive from my house. Is there any electronic way I can deliver dockets to avoid each week going to Social Welfare?
    Many Thanks

    • You should ask them. Maybe they will accept a photo of the docket emailed to them ?

  28. Hi
    My Company still open and I can’t work because minder kids, Can I go to Pandemic unemployment Payment. I wrote this :
    On 30th March Welfare amended the rules and they now say. If you have voluntarily taken time off work to look after your child because of school (or childcare) closures and you are no longer paid by your employer, you can apply for the COVID-19 Pandemic Unemployment Payment

  29. Hi i was told last friday to self isolate by my GP because i feel ill and on jobseekers and they said they would fill out a form and for me fill out and to send to the social welfare to be put on illness benefit for 2 weeks….. do you know how much the payment is and it problem to get back on jobseekers after the 2 weeks?

  30. I see you have given similar answers to this question so sorry if it’s repetitive, I’m working part time and my sister minds my child. But she is not entirely comfortable minding him as I’m working in retail and come in contact with people every day. And she has children of her own…one who is in an at risk group.
    My question is, can I stop working if I have no childcare even though my employer is still open as an essential service and what happens my wfp?

  31. If ur getting paid by your company through the wage subsidy scheme but if work can u work in another job as well

  32. Hi, I work two part time jobs, one which has closed down temporarily due to covid 19..I now only work 15hrs pw and recieve Fis. Am I entitled to the covid 19 full payment?

    • Welfare say you have to have lost all employment to qualify. Your FIS/ WFP might be increased if you ask them?

  33. ok so again i will comment and hopefully receive a reply 🙁 i am on disability and lost part time work,i applied for covid payment and was awarded it along with keeping my disability,yes i know and all i wanted was wage loss but no system in place to get that so not my fault i am getting 350!but how do i pay taxes on it if they are due?How do i keep in line with revenue requirements as in total i am getting 550 a wk now,and please do not dare bash me i was onto covid section 4 times in last 2 days just asking can i claim the 120 wage loss and they all said no its not possible but i don’t want to end up in trouble with revenue so can someone please advise as my anxiety is through the roof.

    • Yes it is a bit wierd that people like you are now getting more income than before this crsis.
      Welfare say they had to get something up and running quickly and would rather overpay some people than underpay – so they gave everyone €350.
      It is not taxable – so don’t worry . Maybe donate some or all of the excess to a charity involved in this crisis orgive some to an essential worker.
      The essential workers on minimum wage are the ones I feel sorry for. Take home pay only €360 a week ! No extra during this crisisand others sitting at home getting €350 or more.

  34. Currently on parental leave due to return next week to work. Everyone has been temporarily laid off. Do I qualify?

    • If you are currently on paternity leave and you are due to return to work, but your workplace is closed and you are not being paid by your employer, you can claim Covid Unemplyment when your paternity leave ends.

  35. Hi, i was laid off from the 13th of March 2020. I applied for the pandemic payment on the 16th of March.
    I received only 1 payment of €350 (Tuesday 31st), I was wondering will I be paid for the 2 previous weeks in the future or what the situation is as i know some people received their 203 euro and all the other payments normally from the same company.
    Can you please advise where i should contact again.

    • If you read the article you should have seen this …
      “The initial payment will be €350, “any arrears due back to their last date of employment will be calculated and paid at a future date.”
      More details on Covid Payments Here

  36. Hi I care for my mother and receive 219 euros perweek,I also work 15hours part-time in a bar,the bar is is closed and I a.m. not receiving the wage I would have got,N extra 160euros,a.m. I entitled to clame the civic benefit,even though it’s 350euros per week,

  37. I’m in full time employment the last 20 years and I switched jobs on the 11/03/20 and we have gone onto a short time working week, but I don’t make the cut for the covid 19 €350 payment like the rest of the company as I wasn’t working there before 29/02/20, doesn’t seem fair, have you any advice

    • I’m not sure where you got the 29th Feb cut off date from?.
      As long as you were in employment on 13th March and you have lost all employment, you are eligible.
      (Or are you talking about the Wage Subsidy Scheme?)

  38. hi just wondering if the covid 19 is payed out the 6th 0r the 7th of april thanks

  39. I am ain a similar position. I was working 24 hours per weeks and receiving 89 euros welfare also.
    I injured my back at work and have been on injury benefit, I have been laid off temporarily due to the pandemic.
    I may have to go off injury benefit after my next assessment in 2 weeks.
    Should I contact my local Intreo office or apply for the covid 19 payment?
    Thanks un advance

  40. Will this payment affect students Susi grant? On the Susi website it says that “Social welfare payments” will count as income.
    Is this considered a Social Welfare payment?

    • Can’t be 100% sure. Jobseekers Benefit is used as income but some other welfare benefits are disregarded.
      One of those that is disregarded by SUSI is “Exceptional Needs Payments”
      The Covid Payment is an emergency payment similar to exceptional needs payments and I would be surprised if it was used as income .
      But until SUSI confirm -we don’t know for sure.

      • Student grant applications for academic year 20/21 will be assessed based on income earned in 2019. So it won’t matter this year anyway.

  41. I’m getting paid thru the subsidy scheme, my employer is using the paye and usc that have been deducted from my wages from January to pay me on top of the govt.. should the company not be paying it and not coming from my tax paid this year

  42. I’d say the answer is no but thought I’d ask anyway. Do people on COVID-19 payment need to prove they’re looking for work?

  43. Hi, person on Disability Allowance has a rehabilitative work(up to 100 euro weekly), which she had lost due to virus. Can that person apply for Covid-19 payment? And how much she will get? Does she supposed to notify the Disabillity office? Thanks

  44. I think it’s time to scrap the Social Welfare system and introduce a Universal Basic Income (UBI).

  45. Myself and husband are getting old age pensions my husband is a taxi driver and hasent worked sinc isolation started is he due any COVID . 19 help He was told by friends that he not entitled cause we are both getting pensions is this true Kind regards

  46. If you had 2 part time jobs and lost one of them are you entitled to this payment

  47. Hi, they definitely refused to accept the N26 bank accounts on two occasions from different employees

    • Yes they won’t accept them . It’s just for this emergency payment to limit the risk of people claiming who are not living in Ireland

  48. My job paid me my holiday pay and I got paid for a bank holiday last week will that affect my covid19 payment

    • It could well mean your Covid payment is cancelled if they see wages coming through. Let us know if it does.

  49. if I m suck in another country due to travel restriction but I lost my job in Ireland after 13th of march due to covid-19 am I eligible for the pandemic payment?

  50. What about a parent who is employed and cannot return to work because of closed school and lack of childcare Thanks

  51. I was working in two jobs, Both part-time, two different employers. I get paid from one of my employers from the wage subsidy scheme but nothing from my second employer. My rent is in arrears now. As when I worked two different jobs with two different employers, I had enough money to pay rent, bills and food. Am I entitled to claim for any payment from my second job lost due to Covid19 pandemic?

  52. Hello.I was working 20 hours weekly and I received WFP.Now due to Covid-19 my working hours are reduced to 18 h weekly.Will I lose my WFP?

    • The official limit on hours is 38 hours a fortnight. But under the current circumstances, I would be very surprised if they would stop the WFP . (If they knew). They would end up having to pay you Jobseekers or similar anyway.
      It shouldn’t be an issue at all if it is for less than 3 months. After that – maybe get in touch with welfare.
      Your employer could use the Revenue wage subsidy scheme to top up your wages and keep you on the same hours. (If they are eligible).

  53. Hi my employer claims wage subsidy for me I have been working 28hrs weekly out of my normal 30 is it fair that my payslip states that I worked zero hours i would like my worked hours stated on payslip

  54. Hi I just finished my 2 year full time study VTOS based. Should I apply for COVID-19 Pandemic Unemployment Payment or Jobseeker’s Payment?
    Thank you.

    • Jobseekers .
      Covid payment not applicable because you didn’t lose a job because of the Pandemic.

  55. Hi,1st of June will bank holiday Monday, so what the next date will be covid 19 unemployment payment?

  56. Hi I was abroad for a number of years and started a new job in Ireland March 9th this year. I was let go permanently due to covid on March 27th. I did qualify for the covid 19 payment but if the new rules are to be based on average pay am I likely to lose out? as they may base the average covid 19 pay like on the Twss on my Jan and February income? When I didnt have any income.

    • Hi – nothing has been decided yet. The Government is not considering cutting the €350 Pandemic Unemployment Payment (PUP) for someone who was working full-time on minimum wage or higher before the Covid-19 emergency.
      It may be reduced ,for everyone , but the lowest we think it will go will be down to the level of Jobseekers (€203 a week)

  57. I have been in receipt of Covid unemployment. Since its inception I am a Reflexologist which falls into stage 4 or 5 on the roadmap re. return to work ( still tbc). Do I have to reapply for the payment or will it just get rolled on ? I am registered with the DEASP as a reflexologist

    • Nokting has been confirmed about the Covid payment. No end date has been set. At some stage it may be reduced but for now it is continuing .

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