Covid-19 Pandemic Unemployment Payment

The closure of businesses, because of Covid-19 , affected thousands of workers in Ireland. To help people who had lost income, the government introduced the Pandemic Unemployment Payment. It has become known as the PUP How Much is ...
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Statutory Sick Pay in Ireland

Here in Ireland - there is no statutory sick pay. An employee in Ireland has no legal right under employment law to be paid whilst on sick leave. It is at the discretion of employers to decide policy ...
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Stay and Spend Incentive

Back in July, as part of a Stimulus Plan , the government announced the "Stay and Spend" Incentive Scheme. The stay and spend incentive is an income tax credit that can be claimed on expenditure on accommodation, food ...
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Covid-19 Restart Grants for Small Businesses

There are now several different Business Restart Grants available to help small businesses sole traders and B&Bs with the extra cost of restarting after the Covid lockdown. Enterprise Support Grant The Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection ...
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Fortnightly Welfare and Pension payments Instead of Weekly

The Dept. of Employment and Social Protection changed all weekly payments of social welfare payments to fortnightly in March 2020 . The main reason for the change to Fortnightly Welfare and Pension payments was to reduce visits to ...
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COVID19 Wage Subsidy

A new Wage Subsidy scheme was announced in March which is aimed at allowing employers to pay their employees something during the current COVID pandemic. Some changes are being made to this scheme from May 1st - The ...
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