Covid-19 Pandemic Unemployment Payment

The closure of businesses, because of Covid-19 , affected thousands of workers in Ireland. To help people who had lost income, the government introduced the Pandemic Unemployment Payment. It has become known as the PUP How Much is ...
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Increases to Jobseekers and Illness Benefit

We have discovered that there will be some increases to some Social Welfare payments as a result of the Covid-19 crisis Adult dependant increases The weekly rate for an adult dependant is being temporarily increased from €134.70 to ...
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Christmas Social Welfare Payment Arrangements 2014

This article is about Chrismas 2014 payments. Go Here For details of Christmas 2015 Welfare Payments The revised Christmas Bonus  (just 25%) is expected to be paid  in week commencing December 1st - see more about the Christmas ...
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Jobseekers Allowance to be Cut for those Under 26

Budget 2014  changes to Jobseekers Allowance for under 26 year olds: Currently any claimant aged 18 to 21 gets €100 a week and those aged 22 to 24 get €144 . The full rate of €188 a week ...
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Budget Cuts to Jobseekers Benefits

Jobseekers and Budget 2012 : Although the basic standard rate of Jobseekers Benefit was untouched in the Budget - the government are still going to be reducing total payments by  about  €87 Million a year as a result ...
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