Jobseekers Allowance to be Cut for those Under 26

Budget 2014  changes to Jobseekers Allowance for under 26 year olds:

Currently any claimant aged 18 to 21 gets €100 a week and those aged 22 to 24 get €144 . The full rate of €188 a week is paid to those aged 25 or more.

The  Budget 2014 changes will mean that from January 2014 the  €100 a week lower rate will  be paid  up to the age of 24 (extended by 3 years) .  Those aged 25 will get €144 and the full rate of €188 will not be paid until claimants reach  26.

Just to be clear on existing claimants ….
From Jan 1st 2014 – claimants  aged 18-24 years (without children)  will  get €100 per week unless they are an existing claimant on a higher rate, in which case their rate will not go down.

From Jan 1st 2014 all claimants aged 25  (without children)  will receive €144 a week unless they are an existing claimant on a higher rate, in which case their rate will not go down.
This weekly rate will increase to €188 when they reach 26 years of age.

Just for comparison – the Jobseekers allowance in the UK is £56.80 (€68) a week for under 25’s and for those aged 25 or over it is £71.70 (€86) a week.

30 thoughts on “Jobseekers Allowance to be Cut for those Under 26

    • On average the cost of living is about 27% lower in the UK – but the dole here is more than double the UK.

      • As a person who has lived both sides of the border I can tell you its grim if your on the dole in the UK(I have never been) but they do get added money for housing which doesnt get shown here as I believe its about £50 a week in Belfast. So they are not getting buggered by the “system”. I’m currently unemployed for the last two weeks and living with parents(under 25) and am only getting “dole” so I can save and afford to get a job in my field(medical device manufacturing) if I was to get 100 euro a week it would mean I would have to waste more time saving to get away and back to work.

  1. Im still not clear, I have a son who is unfortunate enough to be unemployed, hes 23 and currently getting €188 weekly, does his money go down to €100?

    • Dave – no one will get a cut. If they are on a higher rate they will stay on it.

  2. Im abit confused about doles payments as i keep readin different stuff im 22 and recieve 188 per week due to my circumstances will i cut or wint i any1 know

  3. ireland has a higher standard of living how can they compare ireland to england!!! england is alot cheaper compared to ireland.. everything is double the price and even triple and everyones money is going down how are we expected to live???. there is no work here at all they are forcing people on courses or internships which is free work for a poxy 50 euro extra that wouldnt even cover petrol to get there! Well they wonder why most people shop up north. says it all..

  4. What do you mean by the higher rate for 22-24? I’m currently recieving the 144 weekly as I am from a single parent family and living with my mum. Does that count?

  5. Just to clarify, I’m 24 and have been on the live register for about a year now. I will be turning 25 on the 2nd of January so considering I’m an existing claimant will I receive the full €188 or will the fact I’m one day short of the budget being implemented mean I’ll stay at €144?

  6. I am 23 and an existing claimant on the €144 but now im in college will i be effected when i come out of college im turning 24 in Jan!

    • Your rate will not be cut – but if you turn 24 after Dec 31st you won’t get an increase in Jobseekers

      • ya I’m on bte.. I understand I won’t go up but i won’t be effected when I’m off bte come next summer I still get 144

  7. Why make a comparison with the UK? Is that supposed to make people on JA here feel better? While you’re doing that, why not add cost of living comparison and medical and dental cost comparisons.

    • Hi Ruth – UK cost of living is about 11% more than Ireland (2011 OECD figures). ( ) Medical costs here (for medical card holders) are zero apart from €1.50 per item for prescription. Free dental care is available in both countries to someone on Jobseekers / Income Support.
      For those renting here and on rent supplement – they do have the minimum weekly contribution of €30 too. In the UK rent is paid in full in most cases.
      Still – €188 less the €30 is €158 . Still 83% more than UK dole.

      • Comparing social welfare rates in Ireland to Uk (or US)looks like a political motivated comparision. Why don’t you compare Irelands Social Welfare rates to Euro-zone countries? Why do you pick a ‘bottom rung’ of the ladder in terms of Social Welfare Rates across EU member states? Why is it that we are supposed to look at the US but struggle to look past the British Channel? Why are we being asked to look at, and relativise ourselves to ‘worst case examples’ in terms of Social Welfare Rates?

      • UK was chosen because it is just over the border . I am not aware if it is the lowest rate in the EU for social welfare – but will do a comparison soon.

  8. Currently I am 21 and get the €100 a week rate. I will be 22 in November – will I get the increased rate of €144 or will it be frozen at €100?

    • You should go on to 144 from your 22nd birthday because it is before the change comes into force in January. If you were 22 in February you would stay on 100 a week

  9. I’m 23 I’m on job seekers allowance since Im 18 will I be affected or do I stay on 188

  10. So will I stay on my usual €188 from now on its so hard trying to figure it all out

  11. hi i am 24 on jsa on €188 , i will be 25 in january will i get the same rate or will i be cut ?

    • As it says in the article – if you are already on a higher rate you will not be cut.

  12. Hi, i am 24 and i am on JSA, i currently get 144pw but i turn 25 in november, will i be entitlet to the full 188 now or do i have to wait till im 26 now?


    • You turn 25 before the new rules begin – so you should get the 188 from your 25th birthday. Follow it up if it doesn’t rise.

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