Square POS: A Summary for Irish Small Businesses

Square is a payment processing and point of sale (POS) platform used by businesses of all sizes. It has transparent flat-rate pricing and free point-of-sale software.
Square is well known in the United States for helping small merchants and self-employed professionals complete credit card transactions without a cash register or expensive software. They have over 4 million customers worldwide.

Irish businesses can now sell online, in-person, or both with Square’s integrated suite of products that were launched here in 2021.

A globally recognized leader, Square gives small businesses practically everything they need to sell goods and services anywhere and manage day-to-day operations. Square combines in-person and online payment processing with a full suite of mobile, retail and online sales and business management tools.

(Squareup International (Trading as Square) is authorised by the Central Bank of Ireland (the ‘Central Bank’) as an Electronic Money Institution.)

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Square Hardware

The entry-level Square Reader (€19 plus VAT) is their lowest-priced option for in-person card payments . To use it – you need to install the free Square Point of Sale app on your smartphone or tablet. This reader has no screen – so any customer PIN required needs to be keyed on the smartphone screen.

The Square Terminal (€169 plus VAT) works without the need for a connected phone or tablet. It has a touchscreen, keypad, and Wi-Fi connectivity. (You can use your phone as a wifi hotspot if you are out and about.) .
If your internet connection becomes interrupted or temporarily unavailable, you can enable Offline Mode to accept swiped card payments as a backup. (time limited).

Square Register costs €599 plus VAT. This is a two-part touchscreen till and card terminal with Square point of sale (POS) software built in. No extra tablets, apps or card terminals are required. Square Register has a 13.25“ touchscreen and a detachable, customer-facing card terminal with a touchscreen as well. It weighs 1.8 kg and is 25.4 cm high.
There’s a cable between the main body and card terminal to keep them paired, and a main power cable has to be plugged in at all times.Square Register needs to connect via WiFi or Ethernet cable to accept payments.

Square POS App

The Square POS app comes free with the Square hardware . It is a useful tool for any business looking to streamline their operations and make their life easier. It’s user-friendly, customizable, and packed with features that can help you manage your inventory, track sales, and process transactions.
Square’s free electronic point-of-sale system comes without any , hidden fees or long-term commitments.

Square is one of a few providers in the space that offers a free version of its POS system. The free version comes with a long list of features and functionality, including sales tracking and reporting, offline mode for accepting payments without a Wi-Fi connection, and a customizable interface.

There are tailored versions of Square POS especially for restaurants or retail that can also come for free. These can also be upgraded to advanced versions with a monthly subscription fee. (This subscription is usually combined with a lower transaction fee for each payment.)

Square Card Payment Transaction Fees:

Square has a standard fee for in-person payments by card. It is 1.75% plus VAT

Chargebacks are free with Square – this is usually extra with other POS providers. (Sumup charges €10)

You Can find out more at Square with free trials available.

Square Vs Sumup

Sumup is another popular option for businesses in Ireland that need to accept card payments.

Square has considerably more features and payment tools than SumUp, particularly for food and drink. Growing businesses can connect Square with different software platforms for accounting, e-commerce etc., whereas SumUp has few integration options.

Square offers a user-friendly, feature-rich, and affordable POS system for small businesses in Ireland. It simplifies payment processing, streamlines inventory management, and provides valuable sales insights, empowering businesses to operate efficiently and grow.

Square also has the option of Tap to Pay on NFC-enabled Android smartphones.
Square is one of very few payment service providers offering the feature out-of-the-box with its Tap to Pay on Android.


On The Google Play app store – Sumup has a rating of 3.4 whilst Square has a much better 4.6 out of 5 rating.

On Trustpilot – Square Ireland has a rating of 4.4 while Sumup has a 4.2 rating.