Bank Cards that can be used with Google Pay in Ireland

Google Pay  (formerly Android Pay) is a method of paying for things using an Android phone or tablet.

Similar to Apple Pay it is a digital wallet where you can store your bank card details on your phone then use the phone to pay contactlessly or in-app rather than using the card itself.

In shops, you just hold the activated phone over a contactless reader and wait for the green tick to confirm the payment has been made. The money comes out of the same bank account as if you used the physical card.

Debit or credit cards in Ireland that can be used with Google  Pay

  • An Post Current Acc
  • Allied Irish Bank
  • N26
  • Credit Union Current Accounts
  • Revolut
  • Bunq
  • Bank of Ireland
  • PTSB

N26 is a fully licensed online bank
Revolut is an electronic payment institution. . More about N26 and Revolut  here.

More details about the Bunq card here

Cards issued in Ireland by the following  banks CANNOT be used with Apple Pay

  • EBS

Google Pay spending limits :

For transactions under €50 – you can just scan your phone over the contactless reader. Google Pay will allow transactions over €50, provided the available balance or credit limit exists.  You will need to unlock the phone to spend over €50 . Although – there may be some shops where the contactless terminal may not allow transactions above €50. (Apparently Tesco is one). (Prior to April 2020 – the unlocked contactless limit was €30.)

Using Google Pay

Google Pay requires a phone that supports  NFC (near-field-communication)  and has Android 4.4 KitKat software or higher. To use Google Pay properly you’ll need to have a lock screen in place on your phone. This means anyone trying to access the device is going to have to enter a PIN, facial scan or fingerprint scan to be able to access your phone and GooglePay.

If you have a card that is Google Pay compatible – you can just you add your credit, debit, or prepaid card to your Google Wallet on your device.

Bank Charges for using Google Pay

The charges for using your bank card through Google Pay will be the same as if you used the card itself contactlessly.

For contactless payments in stores, there is currently no charge of the Irish banks using Google Pay.

But – if you use Google Pay  “in App” to pay for something online – then your bank will also apply their normal debit card usage charge (some don’t charge) .

Your bank will also charge its normal card fees on Google Pay purchases in non-Euro currencies. –  See Card Charges on Non Euro Purchases Here

See more here about bank charges in Ireland