Interest Rates on Instant Access Savings

Highest Interest Rates on Instant Access Deposit Accounts.

Rates checked December 7th 2023
(We looked at accounts that are covered by bank guarantees and with less than 30 days notice)

  • Bunq Easy Savings 2.46%
    • Up to 2 withdrawals every month
    • €100k Covered by Dutch Deposit Guarantee Scheme (DGS)

  • State Savings deposit account 0.75% (7 days notice)
  • AIB (7 days notice) 0.75%
  • EBS 0.25%

*Note: All funds in a Trade Republic cash account are legally protected up to €100,000 per investor. They are held in an escrow account at one of their partner banks. These currently are Solarisbank SE, Citibank Europe plc and Deutsche Bank. Solarisbank SE and Deutsche Bank are subject to supervision by the Deutsche Bundesbank and the BaFin (Federal Financial Supervisory Authority Germany). Citibank Europe plc is supervised by the Central Bank of Ireland.)
When we set up an account at Trade Republic to test things out – our cash was held with Citibank.
Deposits at Citibank Europe are covered by the Irish Bank Guarantee. All the other banks fall under the German Deposit Guarantee Scheme


Although it is not a bank – Lightyear pays interest on cash deposits with instant access and no minimum deposit – Lightyear is an online investment platform.
(Deposit Protection: €20,000 via Estonian Investor Protection Scheme.)

Lightyear Interest Rates Shown Below

Lightyear Interest Rates
CurrencyInterest Rate
Correct as of December 2023

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An alternative investment option is buying stocks and shares.
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