Best Savings Interest Rates – 12 Month Fixed

The best interest rates available to Irish residents on a 12-month fixed-rate savings account.

Updated September 19th 2023.

  • BluOr at Raisin 4.21% (Min €1 Max €100k)
  • AIB 2.5% (Min €15k)

  • PTSB 2% (Min €5k)

  • BOI 2% (Min €5k)

 A €25,000 deposit at 4.21% for 12 months would earn €1052 interest before DIRT (Tax)

# Raisin – DIRT not deducted at source.  Gross deposit interest will need to be declared, to the Revenue. More details at

Links to savings provider sites are provided solely as a convenience to the user and do not constitute any endorsement of such sites.

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