Best Interest Rates on Fixed Term Savings Accounts

List of the best interest rates on Fixed Term deposit accounts available in Ireland. (Net of DIRT)

Updated August 11th 2020

The Interest Figures in bold are after DIRT where applicable. (DIRT used is  33%  )

10 Years Fixed

– State Savings National Solidarity Bond (16%)  1.5%  AER

5 Years Fixed

0.98%  AER State Savings Certificates 18th issue

0.91% AER  J&T Banka # via (1.36% before DIRT)

4 years Fixed

0.884% (1.32% before DIRT) J&T Banka via #

0.5% Dirt Free State Savings

3 Years Fixed

0.857%  J&T via (1.28% before DIRT) #

0.33% AER – State Savings:

2 Years Fixed

  0.798% AER  J&T via   (1.19% before DIRT) #

  0.26 % AER (0.4% before DIRT)  PTSB

# J&T Banka is based in the Czech Republic
Funds are protected in full by the Czech Deposit Guarantee Scheme for amounts up to EUR 100,000 per customer.
DIRT is not deducted at source. Czech Republic withholding tax will apply but will be reduced to zero if a certificate of tax residency is supplied. Gross deposit interest and any withholding tax paid will need to be declared to the Revenue. Min €10,000 Max €100,000 .

A Welcome Bonus of up to €100 is available for all new Raisin customers. (Increased to €200 until Sept 15th 2020)
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