Regular Savings Accounts

Updated June 28th 2021

A Regular Saver Account is the perfect way to get into the habit of saving regularly. If you’re saving for a holiday, special event, or just a rainy day, then Regular Savings Accounts are ideal and they usually offer higher interest rates than most normal deposit accounts.
Most regular saver accounts will have specific rules on how much you can lodge into the account.

Regular Savings Accounts in Ireland – The Best Rates available.

  1. State savings Instalment Savings 0.63% . Tax-Free (equivalent to 0.94% on a taxed account) (Min €25 max €1000 per month). BUT – you must keep the account for 6 years otherwise rate is just 0.05%.

  2. Ulster Bank Special Interest Deposit – 0.85% .Min €1 max €1000 per month. Max €12000

  3. KBC  Extra Regular Saver  025%. Min €100 Max €1000 per month.   (You also have to have a KBC Extra Current Account to get this rate.

  4. BOI Goalsaver Account 0.25%. Min €20 Max €2000 per month. Max balance €14999

  5. PTSB Online Regular Saver 0.2% max €1000 per month/€50,000 total.

  6. AIB  Online Saver  0.1% Min 10 euro per month, max 1000 euro per month.   (Rate is For 1st Year Only)

  7. EBS Family Savings   0.1% (fixed – 1st year only) Min opening deposit €1 maximum €1,000. . Monthly direct debit of between €100 and €1,000 required. Max Bal 13k. Two withdrawals a year allowed.

With interest rates so low – many people are investing some of their savings into shares. If you are thinking of investing in shares  – take a look at our page about Buying Shares in Ireland

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