State Savings Interest Rates 2024

State Savings is the name used by the National Treasury Management Agency (NTMA) to describe the savings products offered to personal savers.

Some people refer to them as An Post Savings or Post Office Savings accounts. This is because An Post acts as an agent of the NTMA in relation to the sale and administration of all State Savings products (except Prize Bonds).

Comparison of Savings Rates in Ireland

We have listed the current State Savings 2024 Interest Rates below.

Interest Rates on State Savings Accounts Available Through An Post

These rates are valid as of March 2024

All interest is exempt from DIRT

  • 3-year Savings Bond (Issue 18)  AER 1.32%
  • 5-year Savings Certificate (Issue 25)  AER 1.74%
  • 6 Year Instalment Savings – Issue 17 AER 1.75%

  • 10-year National Solidarity Bond (Issue 9) :  AER 2.01%

(AER is the Annual Equivalent Rate. The AER quoted assumes no early encashment.)

Prize Bonds

The variable rate used to calculate the monthly Prize Bond prize fund is 1%

Prizes Available

A top monthly prize of €500,000, in the last weekly draw of every calendar month
A top weekly prize of €50,000 in every weekly draw.
Each week there will be 20 prizes of €1,000 and 20 prizes of €500 respectively,

The remaining weekly prize fund will be awarded in €75 prizes

You can invest as little as €25 (4 Prize Bonds) up to a maximum of €250,000 (40,000 Prize Bonds) per individual. There is no minimum age limit for buying Prize Bonds.
The minimum length you can hold Prize Bonds before redeeming your investment is 90 days .

Deposit Account

The variable interest rate for the Deposit Accounts is 0.75% (DIRT is applied)

Rates Checked March 2024

See how these interest rates compare with the interest rates offered by banks in Ireland.
You can get much better rates elsewhere (even after taking the tax free benefit into account.)

Comparison of Savings Rates in Ireland

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State Savings money forms part of the National Debt of Ireland and is under the management of the NTMA, on behalf of the Minister for Finance.
The repayment of all State Savings money is a direct, unconditional obligation of the Irish Government.

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